Which Kibble Is Better For Your Canine?

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by Jolie Mitchel

With all of the uncertainty about today, many owners have started making their own food. is actually quite easy to make. In fact, owners who make their dog’s food usually discover that the process saves them money, while also ensuring their dog is fed a healthy and safe .

The breakdown of a healthy dog diet includes 70% , 25% meat, and 5% vegetables and other additions. being omnivores need a combination of meat and vegetables and some additions that can be added to their food include bonemeal, garlic, and certain flours

The base of the dog’s diet are the carbohydrates and can come from many sources. Whole wheat flour, cornmeal, oats, soy flour and as well as white and brown rice are major base carbohydrates that can be used in the making of the dog food.

The next major component of the is the meat. The best options for meat are quality products such as lean chicken, beef, fish, and egg whites. These can be then grinded to make the food making process easier.

Certain additions can be included to give overall nutrition to the dog. Such vegetables as carrots, potatoes, celery, corn, and spinach are good suggestions. Organic produce can be used so check for the availability of certain products. Grinding the vegetables helps digestion in the dog. A little bit of garlic helps keep the fleas away and some bonemeal or dehydrated milk can be added for extra calcium.

By combining the components with a little bit of water and cooking until the protein is done throughout, your dog food can be made at home. An easy to make recipe takes one cup cornmeal, one fourth of a cup of ground chicken, a tablespoon of ground carrots, and a little sprinkle of bonemeal combined and cooked in a saucepan with a half a cup of water. Most dog food recipes can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Certain foods must be avoided when making dog food such as chocolate or caffeine bearing products since it is known to cause seizures in dogs. Grapes, raisins, avocados, and onions should not be included in the food either. Avoid spices since some dogs can be sensitive to them as well.

By making your own dog food, you can ensure safety and nutrition and make a change in the dogs lifespan, weight, and energy level. A veterinarian should be aware of this process and help assist with any special considerations when making the food. This method of feeding your dog home-made food will keep your dog healthy and your pockets full.

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  1. There is a lot of confusion about a species appropriate diet for dogs. The “why” is that we have crossed the line between science and prolific industry propaganda. Since the 1950s vast sums of money have been poured into shaping public perception because the profits are enormous. Not to mention that “we the people” have a tendency towards anthropomorphism, and convenience is a driving force.

    For unbiased scientific information see the “Ol’ Shep’s Plight: Diet” article at: http://achinook.squarespace.com/

    There is also a “lighter” fabricated “Dr. P. Kibble Interview” and other articles following different threads of industry’s manipulation.

    My best to you and yours,
    Lee Cullens

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