Oh but you ought to see the other fellow!

Oh but you ought to see the other !
dog jokes
by George Eastman Property
Accession Quantity: 2005:0803:0005

Maker: Schaffer's Photographic and Artwork Emporium

Title: Oh but you ought to see the other fellow!

Date: ca. 1885

Medium: print

Dimensions: Picture: 14 x 9.6 cm Mount: 16.2 x 10.8 cm

George Eastman Residence Assortment

General information about the George Eastman Home is obtainable at http://www.eastmanhouse.org/inc/collections/photography.php.

For details on acquiring reproductions go to: www.eastmanhouse.org/flickr/index.php?pid=2005:0803:0005.

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    • Je n'ai pas de Passeport
    • October 7, 2011

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called difacil, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    • newyorkcelt
    • October 7, 2011

    Wonder if he’s still alive…

    • Meetzorp
    • October 7, 2011

    Pre-Photoshop LOL-pets.

    • RearVieWmiRRr
    • October 7, 2011

    LOL!!! Wow people had sense of humor back then too 😀

    • runlama
    • October 7, 2011

    Really funny!

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