Is Dog Chewing Ruining Your Home?

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by Lacy Holly

Are you fed up with coming home from a hard day at work just to find your favorite slippers have been torn to shreds by chewing? Thank goodness you found us because you are in the right place now.

This article is going to cover the reasons your dog chews in the first place and how you can stop your dog chewing troubles for good. Not a moment too soon right? At least for the sake for your favorite slippers.

First off, this may be a shocker, but it is actually very natural for to chew on things and it is really a passion for them. At least you now know he isn’t doing it out of revenge because you didn’t give him that dog he wanted this morning.

It is vital to stop dog chewing as soon as possible because over time it can actually turn quite dangerous. For example, chewing through an electrical wire or getting into poison.

At least we can narrow down the causes of your dog’s chewing habit to a few possible scenarios. One cause may be due to boredom. This will lead your dog to chew just to entertain himself. If you find this to be the case, make sure to give your dog plenty of safe chew toys.

Separation anxiety is also a big factor. If you work all day and your dog is left at home alone, at least put on the radio or the television.

Animal Planet would probably be the best bet as far as TV channels go. If you don’t have this channel, anything is better than nothing.

If your dog is a you are dealing with a whole new ball game, especially when your is in the teething stage. This is a make it or break it stage as well. This is the point that your dog develops a dog chewing habit in the first place.

Fear can also cause your dog to chew on things. Make sure there is nothing that is causing your dog to be afraid or stressed out.

Comfort him as much as possible and if there is something scary that goes on while you are away from home, try and alleviate that in any way you can.

Again, turning on the television can help at this point as well. No matter what, keep in mind that he is not chewing to make you angry or to ruin your things.

So deal with your dog chewing problem with patience and love and you will get results.

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