Review Of Dog Training Guides

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by Tim Whistle

When you see a badly behaved in the street we are embarassed for the owner and upset if the dog is a nuisance to us. Nobody likes a badly behaved dog.

Having decided that you want to have a well trained you can choose to either get somebody to train your dog for you or you can do your own . Working with your dog yourself will create a terrific relationship between you and your dog.

You can also join local dog training classes and some people find this is the best route for them but classes tie you down to a certain time each week and they may not easily fit in with your busy lifestyle.

When you are training your dog it is important to praise your dog when your dog is responding well to your instruction. If he, or she, does really well gives lots of praise and a little .

want to be loved so the more you show how much you your dog the more he will want to make you happy. When he is doing well and you give him lots of encouraging praise he will remember that by doing things properly he got a lot of and attention and next time will try extra hard.

You might like to keep a few little treats in your pocket to give to your dog as an extra reward if he does really well. Only give the treats when the task has been performed reasonably well. You should avoid ever rewarding failure. He needs to learn that he gets goodies when he is good.

There is no reason to hit a dog when you are training him. Shouting and being aggresive towards him will just confuse him and you will end up with a scared and unhappy dog. Praise him but always be in control by being firm and clear with your commands. He will obey because he wants to please you and make you happy.

Short regular training sessions will be much more productive than occasional long and tiring lessons. Try to have a short training lesson each day and just focus on one command or action. Keeping your dog alert and happy will help him to learn much faster.

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