How lengthy ought to you crate prepare a dog?

Question by Gary: How prolonged to you train a dog?
I have 10 month aged Morkie. My spouse and I leave him in the crate anytime we supervise him. We each really feel that he will destroy the area unattended. I asked my vet and trainers at the same question and they instructed me that you can depart him in the crate as as you want because the canine will affiliate the crate as his “property”. On the other hand I have individuals who inform me that leaving a crated can result in mental problems. Not confident what to do.

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Answer by Canines Are My Favorite Individuals
i have a 13 month old labrador who has a crate for her bed. she enjoys it and takes herself to bed at 10pm every night.

To do that during the day aswel would be too powerful/ unfair.

i would personally creat a morkie place or at minimum a section of place. wherever she can sleep, perform and so on. just make sure that inside of that space/ space she has there isnt something to ruin.

i really feel i have to say even though that this ought to have been assumed about before you had puppy

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    • jina
    • October 6, 2011

    well, it can really depend on the dog. you need to take into consideration the age and mind-span of the animal. depending on age the younger they are the longer you can crate rain them, i had a 7month old standard poodle and i crate trained her for exactly a month. no mental issues or terrible side affects included. for a 10 month i would say a month of nighttime in the crate and daytime maybe outside or in the home it can actually train the dog that the crate can be a safe haven for them rather than hert them and it is a proven fact that dogs whom are crate trained usually turn out more disciplined in behavior than dogs who were not.

    • Bel
    • October 6, 2011

    I did not crate train my dogs. I have a gate on the door way of my kitchen. I used that to keep them in the kitchen area when I was not home. They potty trained this way also because they didn’t want to use the bathroom on that flooring. Guess it would splatter when peed on. lol

    I would give them a room to be in when you are gone for long periods of time during the day. You could still use the crate to potty train if you like when you are home like the one person said. I did the same with the kitchen gate, take them out and if they don’t use it then put them back in the crate/gate, take them out again till they potty outside. I never put down a puppy pad or anything in the kitchen with them though because I didn’t want to teach them that it was ok to use it in there.

    Honestly I can’t see a Morkie, byb btw, being able to destroy a house….

    • cat & jo
    • October 6, 2011

    I wouldn’t leave a dog in a crate any longer than I had to. I love crates as aids for training, but inconsistent use or over use can defeat that purpose. What I found helped when using it as a training aid, was to have a consistent as possible schedule for my dogs (feeding times, exercise times, bathroom breaks, etc.) and as their training progressed, letting them out for longer and longer periods of time. Then eventually, after training is done, I’ve left the kennel open and one of my dogs loves it as one of her “dens”. If a dog spends too much time in a crate or has inconsistent training, they may relate to the crate as a place of punishment where they don’t like to go.

    • Erica - So many bunny huggers, so little time!
    • October 6, 2011

    I think crate training should happen until the dog can be 110% trusted to be in the house unattended. My dog is 7 months, and still goes in the crate when I’m not here, or when I go to bed. Proper use of the crate will not cause mental issues. Just keep in mind that the crate is just a tool to use to get the dog to where you can leave it unattended in the home. It’s not a replacement for regular training. It’s a training tool, and a “safe spot” for the dog to chill out. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Zizzler
    • October 6, 2011

    I only crate my dog when I am not home… however when I was potty training and he didn’t use the restroom outside I would put him in his crate afterwards… and then take him out again in 10 min and if he went outside then I wouldn’t crate again after that. I think you should only crate your dog when you are potty training, not at home (if they are not house trained), and when you cannot keep a close eye on them (trying to do yard work, homework, etc.)

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