Adopt a Canine Tank

Adopt a Dog Tank

a . Present your enjoy for the best kind of recycling there is! Featuring the ‘Recycle. Adopt a Dog', this tank is made out of 100% Natural Infant Rib Cotton. Collar, and hem trimmed in darkish green. Created in the USA. Sizing: XS: : Up to 7 lbs. I Duration: seven in. I Neck: seven in. S: Excess : 8-ten lbs. I Size: 10 in. I Neck: 9.5 in. M: Fat: 11-25 lbs. I Size: 12 in. I Neck: 9.seventy five in. L: Excess weight: 26-forty lbs. I Length: 15.5 in. I Neck: 16.seventy five in.
List Value: $ 29.00
Price tag: $ 29.00

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