dog bed?????

Query by sarah f: ?????
i have had my puppy for about now and he is now 6months…
at 1st we would allow him rest with us , we received a bed about 2/3months in the past for him and he was good and loved sleeping in it…
but for the previous three/four nights he has been sneeking up and sleeping with us in our bed??? y could this be???
i have been ill with the /cold, could this b y???
also if i place him again on his bed he will get on my bed following about a min or so??
whts the ??
i have enforcing boundaries!!! and he often sleeps on his bed…
whn i go two bed i often bring him with me and spot him on my bed and he constantly goes down on his bed and and only gets on my bed in the morning 2 wake me up 2 go toilet
and by no means any other time..
he understands its his bed and he loves his personal area

Very :

Solution by Tiffers
It may be that the dog senses you are unwell and wishes to comfort and ease you. My cat does a related point.

What do you assume? Reply below!

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    • Sandy
    • October 6, 2011

    You could try putting doggies bed in a separate room. Maybe put a shirt of yours in the bed for him. That way he will have your scent from the shirt. Close the door to your bedroom too. That might help. Seeing that you once let him sleep with you in your bed. It’s going to be a little difficult reversing the scenario now. They can sense when you are sick too. I think he is just trying to comfort you. Hope this helps, good luck!

    • Yohana_Mulia
    • October 6, 2011

    Well, it prooves that your dogs is born to be the FOLLOWER instead of the LEADER in the pack.
    As your dog’s chararacter is such, you might want to teach him to have his own place.
    For a 6 mo dog, he should be more independent

    • abby_k9
    • October 6, 2011

    I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with you being sick – unless your being sick is playing a factor in how you’re correcting him for just sneaking up on your bed. (For example, if you just don’t want to bother since you’re sick, he may be doing it knowing he’ll get away with it.)

    What this sounds to me like is your dog is getting older – he’s six months now and he’s starting to test where the rules and boundaries are and what he can get away with. Dogs, like children, go through phases where they grow up, get more dominant, and see what they can get away with. Many dogs hit that around about 6 months and then again between 1 and 2 years old (the latter being the “teenage” stage of a dog).

    You should make it clear that his behavior will not be tolerated. If you’re the dominant one in your “pack”, your rules are your rules – no matter when you introduce them.

    So even though he’s been allowed on the bed before, he’s not now – make it sure he understands he’s not. Each time he jumps up, take him by the collar without saying anything or making eye contact, and lead him back to his bed. The reason you don’t want to say anything or make eye contact is that that’s paying attention to him and attention, whether negative or not, is a reward. Bad behavior should not get any rewards – it should equal getting ignored.

    If he comes back onto the bed, take him again and place him onto his. If his is in another room, you can also close your door to make it impossible for him to get back on your bed. Or you could place him in his crate or use a leash to keep him near his bed.

    He will learn that he can only be on your bed if you invite him up, and that off the bed means off the bed, no matter when or why you tell him.

    • Cristina
    • October 6, 2011

    Aww… he senses that you are ick and he loves you very much! and when he comes back he wants to make sure your okay!
    Just try and keep him in his bed, and reassure him you okay, by petting him, and saying good boy. My Doberman does the samething to me! lol.

    But if he does this after you get better, he might just want to be with you and you will have to retrain im to stay in his bed.
    =] good luck and feel better.

    • maxiumdamage
    • October 6, 2011

    The problem is you let him sleep with you in the first place you ll NEVER break him of it I never could break one being sick might be a reason he wants to keep you warmer to make you better ,But that’s a stretch it could be hes had an accident on his bed and who wants to sleep in that

    • heidi v
    • October 6, 2011

    Some believe that dogs have healing powers. There is a restraunt in chicago called the White Dog Cafe. It is supposedly named after the woman who lived above earlier. She had gotten really sick and this dog laid at her feet the whole time and she miracously healed. I know that my dog doens’t normall sleep in my bed, but the few times I have gone to bed really upset she has gotten in bed with me.

    • mighty_power7
    • October 6, 2011

    the problem is that you are not enforcing boundaries. it’s not that you’re sick – it’s that your dog thinks he can get away with sneaking up onto your bed. i mean, if you had the choice to sleep on a small bed on the floor vs. a big bed, which would you choose??

    you need to be more strict that your dog is meant to sleep on his bed, and you are meant to sleep on your bed. each time he comes up on your bed, or whines to get on your bed, say “no!” and take him back to his bed, then praise him when he gets to his bed.

    • america_guy_2000
    • October 6, 2011

    it probably is because you are sick, most pets can sense when theres a problem with their owners weither its being sick or just depressed and want to cheer them up.

    • GhostLady
    • October 5, 2011

    This will probably sound stupid but it may be because you are sick. I had a cat that inevitably knew everytime I was sick. He would try to wrap himself around my neck while I was sleeping. I think that pets just know when something is wrong with you.

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