what is a excellent internet site to purchase dog accessories/apparel?

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Issue by live**consult a to describe the joke*: what is a excellent to get dog accessories/?
i want to my puppy or goggles for when she goes out on my boat. i would also like to get her pajamas, simply because she gets actually and often sleeps below a blanket. so is there a really great for dog garments and add-ons? thank you!

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Response by K.C.

Its a good brand. My puppy has a harness from them.

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    • casey
    • October 5, 2011

    The goggles are mostly by the Doggles brand. They can be found at petSmarts, possibly on the website. But if not here’s the company: http://doggles.com/eyewear.html
    They’ll have the information on stores you can get them from. Those are fully UV protected and are great, very good for dogs who spend a lot of time in places with glare and sun. (People often laugh at them, but think about the damage a human eye would take if we didn’t ware shades.)

    As for Pjs maybe look here: http://www.bitchnewyork.com/
    They don’t take themselves eriously, but the price tag is expensive :S I’ve only ever gotten one thing from here, mostly I just look.
    Maybe you could look into a sack/sleeping bag style bed instead? I know lots of dogs who really take to them, if she’s used to a blanket then in could be great.

    • pet lover98
    • October 5, 2011

    try petco.com or petsmart.com

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