Knowledge Panel Insights Canine Breed DNA Examination

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog Breed DNA Check

  • Details booklet detailing the and analysis procedure.
  • Instruction sheet on how to accumulate the sample from inside your 's cheek.
  • A standard swab together with protecting sleeve used to send it back again.
  • Pre-paid transport box for sending in your dog's saliva sample for analysis.

The Mars Veterinary Wisdom Dog DNA enables you to figure out the ancestry of your while in the convenience of your very own home. All you have to do is gather a sample of DNA from within your puppies cheek with the cheek swabs provided, the swabs and assortment kind to the Mars Veterinary Lab, and inside of 4 weeks, you are going to acquire an e mail with the benefits. Realizing the ancestry will support you consider much better care of your dog.

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    • av
    • October 5, 2011
    33 of 34 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    It’s great to get some answers, January 15, 2010
    av (nyc) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Wisdom Panel Insights Dog Breed DNA Test (Misc.)

    We got this test after we adopted a puppy from a shelter, and were wondering how he would end up when he grew up. The test was very easy to use, and the company website lets you track the progress, which is great. We also contacted Wisdom Panel to get clarifications on the results, and they got back to us very promptly with a long e-mail. We chose this company’s test because they seem to have the largest breed database, so you’re more likely to get a hit. Dog DNA isn’t very exact, since all breeds have been established through cross breeding. The test had some interesting results, but I wouldn’t focus too much on the % attributed to each breed. The important thing is that the test pointed us to a direction. We adopted our dog as a golden retriever mix, that’s kind of what he looks like. The test identified mainly silky terrier and then chinook. The dog displays none of the silky terrier traits (genetics can be funny like that), but chinook seems to fit the bill pretty well for both physical characteristics and behavior. It’s a rare breed I’ve never even heard of before, so I never would have conisered it without the test. But it does explain the ultra-heavy undercoat. The test is not 100%, giving you everything you need to know like on CSI, but it gives you a good idea and we found it both useful and fun.

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    • Jon B. Phillips "Vino Jon"
    • October 5, 2011
    148 of 149 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If you truly have a mixed breed, don’t expect miracles, February 4, 2010
    Jon B. Phillips “Vino Jon” (Santa Rosa, California United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Wisdom Panel Insights Dog Breed DNA Test (Misc.)

    First off for this review, the sample is easy to collect; the customer service at Wisdom is awesome and the test results are completed in a very timely manner. We chose Wisdom because their dna database library had over 170 identifiable breeds, so we figured that our Heinz 57 could be matched to at least 1 breed. Last but not least, if you think you have a mixed breed, go into this knowing that you may not agree with the results. From reading reviews from the other DNA outfits, folks seem to have very high expectations; you need to understand that if your dog resulted from other mixed breed parents and grandparents (like most shelter dogs), the dna markers are going to be diluted. So go into it with low expectations and be prepared to be entertained.

    OK – so we decided to do this test because our shelter dog is now almost three and everyone who would meet her would ask us what she was. Most people assumed that she had some Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the mix, but we were leaning towards a Pointer/Dalmatian mix. What came back really surprised us – a minor match to Rottweiler. At 46 lbs and more than half white with some big black spots and some black ticking, a Rotti was the last thing we’d guess. So I emailed the folks at Wisdom to explain why out of 170 breeds, we only received 1 minor match (great grandparent). Within 24 hours, my email was responded to and I was given a choice to have one of their Vet’s who’s also a genetics expert review our dogs results free of charge. They set the expectation that this would take about 10 to 15 days, which it did and I was able to personally speak with the person who was assigned.

    I was impressed by the customer service and after personally talking with the Vet who reviewed our dog’s results; I now better understand the results and how they were achieved. To clarify, my dog has a 1 in 8 (great grandparent) match to a Rottweiler and some very minor matches (beyond a great grandparent) to a Pointer, Border Collie and Miniature Bull Terrier. I would definitely do this again for another dog because it not only was entertaining but also educational. In the end, we love our dog regardless of the results of this test and if you are willing to spend about $80 – don’t think of it as a waste – because after all, if you knew what breed your dog was, you wouldn’t be getting the test done.

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