Perfect Manners Dog Training Triples Training Capacity for 2010

Perfect Manners Dog Training Triples Training Capacity for 2010


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Manners Dog Capacity for 2010

Naperville, (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

Dogs and dog owners in Chicagoland have a proven dog training option in 2010. Expert trainer , owner of Perfect Manners Dog Training, has increased their number of fully equipped trainers. Now even more pets and their owners can benefit from Perfect Manners’ tried and tested techniques.

“Traditional dog training has been stuck in a rut,” said Finley. “We have sought the bottom line result – an obedient dog – without attempting to understand the reason a dog would want to obey a human. Consequently, dog training has been centered on coercion and bribery rather than communication and motivation.”

For , Finley has developed his common-sense approach to dog training, rooted in truly understanding how dogs think. For Finley there are no good dogs or , there are only dogs who understand what their owners want, and dogs who don’t.

“In the case of so called bad dogs, people are usually unaware of the message that they are giving their dog. Everything from aggression to dog phobias can be traced to poor communication between the human and their dog,” Finley said. “Clearing up this miscommunication is key to solving .”

Perfect Manners trainers don’t simply try to teach dogs to sit down or stand up as a matter of rote. Rather Finley’s method focuses on giving dogs a reason to listen to and respect their owners. With that, it’s much easier to train dogs to do anything, even after completing Perfect Manners basic obedience. Now with additional trainers, Finley estimates Perfect Manners will be able to train 100 dogs a month through the greater region.

After thirty years of experience and a wealth of glowing testimonials to Finley’s methods, people are taking notice. A typical client letter reads:

“Sandy has been a great influence on me, my husband and my dog. We are far more exercised than we were, our shoes do not get eaten and the dog plays well with others. I will share with you one little secret. Sandy at Perfect Manners is bi-lingual – that is, he speaks both Human and Dog. And he can translate for both species. Made all the difference in our world!”

For further information on dog training and Perfect Manners Dog Training, visit their website at .


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