dog training
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Description: Owney was a stray dog who wandered into the , , in 1888. The clerks let him stay the night, and he fell asleep on a pile of empty mailbags. Owney was attracted to the texture or scent of the mailbags and began to follow them, first onto wagons and then onto trains. Owney began to ride with the bags on Railway Office () train cars across the state, and then the country. The clerks adopted Owney as their , marking his travels by placing medals and tags from his stops on his collar.

Creator/Photographer: Unidentified photographer

Medium: Medium unknown

Culture: American


Date: 1895

Collection: Owney Collection

Persistent URL: http://photography.si.edu/SearchImage.aspx?t=5&id=3410&q=A.2008-41

Repository: National Postal Museum

Accession number: A.2008-41

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    • antoniaantilope
    • July 18, 2011

    Nice little puppy. I like dog photographs a lot and this one is a very nice shot! ?
    I wonder what he’s thinking :)))

    Yours Antonia
    Admin of the Group "Greatest Photographs in 2009"

    • dogsbylori
    • July 18, 2011

    This is a great dog photo! He looks happy!

    • chrisfreeland2002
    • July 18, 2011

    I included this photo on the Wikipedia page for Owney & linked back here. Thanks for making these great images available!

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