Dog Training Advice- What it takes to train your dog properly!

Hey guys Allan here. Here is some dog to help you dog lovers get the ball rolling with training your dog! Pay very close attention to these tips!

Being Enthusiastic- It is extremely important to make positive reinforcement the foundation of your dog training. While you spend time training your dog you need to make sure that the dog is learning but also having fun with the training. So you must be happy and energetic all the time. That way your dog will be excited and will like the training sessions. Try not to show anger or discouragement in front of your dog. Give your dog rewards and praise if your dog completes a task or shows good behavior.

Firm Voice – When you give commands to your dog, use a firm deep voice. Use a happy soft voice when he completes tasks or displays behavior.

Best Time To Begin Training- There is some dog training advice out there that recommends letting your dog reach a certain age before you start training your pup. The optimal time to train your puppy is about 6-8weeks old. They also say you can start even earlier depending on the breed. I strongly recommend you train the dog right away once you learn how to do it properly. When is the best time to train a dog? The answer is when the dog is untrained.

No Punishing – I know it may be really hard sometimes to resist scolding or punishing your dog but do not do it! Many people will recommend negative reinforcement training to train your dog. This is the absolute worst dog training advice. Yelling, scolding and punishing creates a relationship based on fear. Your dog will be more reluctant to obey future commands and will be confused and afraid. This will ultimately hinder the learning process which is counterproductive and just down right mean don't you think?

Be Calm and Patience- Dog Training is fun. But I'm sure you already know that you will have your frustrating moments. In these moments you must stay calm and be patient with your dog. Understand that they are trying and it may take longer for them to learn some tasks. Even if it seems like they should be catching on quicker because it is an easy command just remember that each dog has it”s own learning pace. Just use repetition and be patient with his or her progress.

More Dog Training Advice- Your Training Sessions

Brief But Focused Training Sessions- Do not tire your dog with hours upon hours of training everyday. You need to keep you training sessions brief. 15-30 minutes tops. But they still need to be quality and packed with great training techniques so your dog can get a lot out of your training. So keep your training sessions short but concentrated. This will help shorten the learning curve for your dog tremendously

Also start off with simple commands first and build up to the more advance commands. Remember to praise your dog and give your dog treats as rewards when he or she learns and completes a task. Also after a training session, play with your dog because your dog will associate time with you as being fun which will make for a better learning experience.

Keep Your Dog Focused – Dogs that aren't trained can get easily distracted, especially puppies. It is very important for you to keep your dog's attention by removing all distractions during your training sessions. I like finding a nice grassy spot in the backyard or a park after a walk. I also make sure I train my dog around the house so he or she becomes familiar with how I want the dog to behave in my home.

Be The One Who trains Your Dog- I always see people get dogs and do not want to take any part in training them so they enroll their dogs in training schools. Some opt to get their own dog trainer. There are 3 main disadvantages to doing that. Firstly you miss the opportunity to develop the bond between you and your dog and that bonding is crucial for the dog to see you as his or her . Secondly, your dog will not be fully understand how “you” want him or her to behave and live in your household. Thirdly, dog training schools and trainers are pretty expensive nowadays. Some even charge for just dog training advice and tips.

Get Quality Dog Training Advice- You're probably thinking that you don't know the first thing about training a dog. That's understandable because I didn't know when I first started out either but I learned by reading quality dog training books. There are some great books out there that teach you everything that you need to know about dog training, dog grooming, dog health, dog diet.

I found the best dog training info online because I read someone's review on the books and what they included and if it was a positive review I got the book. Just make sure you are getting complete and quality dog training advice and you will get your pup trained in not time!

I hope you found this helpful! So long and say hello to your doggy for me!

Allan Codling here. So if you just got a puppy or dog and you're wondering how to train and properly care for your dog, we can teach you how. If you want to get quality dog training advice and additional information on dog behavior and dog health visit

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