Settlers standing outside a homestead probably in the Nerang area, 1872

Settlers outside a homestead probably in the Nerang , 1872
dog clothes
Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia
Photographer: William Boag

Location: ,

Description: The slab-built homestead pictured, with its wide-stepped , may be the home of Captain Walter John , his wife Thomasine, (the widow of the of Yorkshire) and her four children. In 1865, Browne had selected land from Bingarabah Crossing to Talai Crossing on the Nerang River and the 1871 census showed that 11 people were living on the property. Browne may be the man at far left, dressed in riding clothes and carrying a sportsman's gun. Thomasine Browne is possibly the woman at right, wearing an impractically elegant velvet gown. If this identification is correct, then the third figure may be her son, who later established Birribon at Nerang. The small shelters at far right were kennels for the gun-dogs. (Information taken from: D. Byrne, A Travelling photographer in colonial Queensland : the work of William Boag, 1994)

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    • bonsmara
    • June 10, 2011

    I do not believe the people in this photo to be the ones named in the description above. It is quite possible a homestead in the Nerang district but not belonging to the people mentioned.

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