Where can I find super cheap dog clothes online besides ebay and other auction sites?

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Question by Emo B: Where can I find cheap dog clothes online besides ebay and other ?
I like to buy a lot of clothes for my , and other dog friends. I wouldn’t mind if there was a quantity discount as I usually buy large quantities anyway. I know of lovelonglong already.

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    • elopecat
    • June 2, 2011

    really cute dog clothes there~

    • poopsie
    • June 2, 2011

    I go to the goodwill store or thrift store, buy childrens clothes and cut the sleeves shorter, or off, depending.You can get your dog quite a wardrobe this way.My rat terrier has all kinds of stuff and he loves them !!

    • Tami
    • June 2, 2011

    where the hell do you buy your dogs clothes? Lol.ive never had a problem with buying clothes that are over the limit.Unless you dont have a job, but your best bet is to go to walmart,kmart,pet smart,old navy,target,cvs anywhere!Juss use your head.

    • coreboy7
    • June 2, 2011

    Personally, ive seen em at walmart! But i wouldnt reccomend putting clothes on your dog. My aunt bought some clothes for her dog and he ripped em off and tore em appart. Clearly he didnt like em. But if you have a chiouaua im sure it would get cold pretty easily

    • kimmy
    • June 2, 2011

    Buy baby cloths used or new its cheaper then dog cloths from pet stores or online petsites.
    Garage sales are great! They always have tons of barely used baby cloths because the babies grow out of them FAST!..lol

    • ocs_sparkling_princess
    • June 2, 2011

    try jefferspet.com
    http://wraprascal.com/ of you can google “online dog suppliers”oronline dog supply companies”

    • Jody G
    • June 2, 2011

    Petsmart, target, walmart, target has really cute dog stuff.

    • Bethie G
    • June 2, 2011

    petedge.com is a good one.

    • aussie
    • June 2, 2011

    go to your local sewing center they may know somone who does sewing on the side and can make them for you

    • tamara_cyan
    • June 2, 2011

    What’s considered super cheap for you?
    PetSmart and Old Navy sell their doggie coats for 25 dollars. That’s not too bad.

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