Pet Checks Are A Fantastic Gift For You & Friends & Family

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by Rebecca Foxton

Choice choice choice, it’s everywhere we look these days.

From where we choose to vacation, to the color of our carpet. In fact, we can customize almost anything to be the way we want it.

Credit cards are a fine example. Long gone are the days when one bog standard card would fit all, these days you can pick out whichever design you like from a selection.

And take checks for example. did you know you can order checks in hundreds of different designs?

If you are thinking, what’s the point in getting a check with a picture on, read on.

Think about the smiles it would bring to the cashier as you pay your bills and the sweet smiles of your family and friends when give them a birthday cheque – it just makes life sweeter.

But don’t ignore the potential marketing side of it too – illustrated checks could help you promote your business.

Take for example, imagine if you had a store, a vet clinic, a grooming service or some other such pet-related business.

In that case wouldn’t an illustrated check make your payment stand out?

And if they are just for your own personal use, it can be fun to have a unique and different look to your checks.

There are many featured artworks by Gary Patterson used on the Styles Check Company website as part of a special Collector’s Edition selection.

His delightful sketches of cats and make a wonderful backdrop to the check of any dog or lover.

It’s so sweet to have a Patterson drawing on your check as they are cute and wholesome and features great pet personalities.

Any dog lover out there will die over his fantastic dog drawings, and cat lovers beware – the kitties on these checks will have you hooked.

He even draws arch enemies the cat and the dog together in humorous situations, fantastically depicted in glorious color.

There are four scenes to choose from.

Don’t feel restricted to just the usual run of domestic pets either, whether you dolphins or lions, there’s something to suit!

These checks will definitely work when you take them to the bank, and have sophisticated anti-fraud features.

Why not give these as a gift for Christmas or a Birthday for an animal lover in your family or your circle?

It shows that you have really thought of something unique and special that will give them a smile every time they open their purse.

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