Dog Behavior Questions – Is Your Behavior Ruining Your Training?

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by Lee Dobbins

One of the biggest questions centers around training style. Your training style and attitude greatly affects your success of training your . Sometimes more so than your attitude does!.

Training your dog is one of the most difficult and possibly frustrating tasks you can undertake. The only activity that requires more patience is raising human children. Many people don’t have enough patience in themselves to train their dogs. Therefore, while you are training your dog, you may have to train yourself to be patient as well.

When training your dog, keep in mind that daily sessions are needed to reinforce the desired behavior you want. Half an hour to an hour time slots will be most rewarding. Remember that no matter how much time has gone by, if you are starting to lose your control or your patience you must end your training session.

Strive to length that ‘time to boiling point’ a little an each day. Remind yourself you are dealing with a dog. Even the most an easily trained breeds or individual an understand at roughly the level of an average two-year old persons. Of course there are those rare an exceptions.

questions can always be answered by thinking about nature. In nature, live in packs where there is an or leader. When training your dog remember you are the boss or alpha dog. Remember in order for your training to work you must assert yourself as the leader and not the other way around.

When giving commands, be firm, but do not yell. Do not get angry with your dog when they do not obey. Rather than becoming frustrated with your dog, persist in your practice. Also, do not let the dog become the alpha of your pack. Your goal in training should not be to stroke your ego or to feel like you have power over your dog. The goal should be to have a safer environment for your dog and your family.

There are who are naturally easy to train, but not all of them will be this way. You need to have patience and remember that your dog wants to please you. Keep up on it consistently and your dog will eventually follow your instructions.

No matter how well you train your dog, your dog still has a mind of its own and won’t always follow the commands you issue. You and your dog will get frustrated if you expect him to learn a command with too few repetitions or to always perfectly follow one that you taught him before. Your dog does not have the same memory as a human. It is even different from very young humans. Get to know your dog. Acknowledge your dog’s unique qualities, his learning capability, and any limitations he may have.

Remember when training your dog to take his into consideration along with his age. All dogs are unique and have their own personality. You need to work with your dogs traits whether he is naturally lazy, inattentive, or a youthful .

Working against your dog’s nature is never a good idea. Treat your dog kindly, but firmly and work at building his trust and training will be a good experience for both of you!

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