Custody battle brews over Chrystal’s children

Custody battle brews over Chrystal’s children

The of Chrystal Boodoo-Ramsoomair has taken on a new dimension as a custody battle brews between family members for the dead woman's three children--, five, 19-month-old and baby Danielle.
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Tuscaloosa neighborhood reels after killer twister
Tish Daniels gingerly stepped over boards and nails that used to be homes, businesses and churches as she gave a history of the ruin that is . She pointed out obliterated buildings like missing teeth in a broken mouth.
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Dart: 'I Hate You' song was woman's cue to kill pregnant teen
This is the song, the violent awful song that heralded the death of Rosemary Newman at the hands of her unborn baby's father and his girlfriend. I hate you when you're gone, I hate you turn me onI hate the way I need you when I don't know where you areI love it even more when I find you on the floorI know you think you hate me but I will always hate you moreShante hid in the trunk of her …
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