My Dog Skip (Blu-ray)

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Recommended THE FILM: There’s nothing quite like the story of a boy and his dog to pull on the heartstrings. Many such stories are too syrupy sentimental to resonate, but My Dog Skip , with its strong central performance from Frankie Muniz, mostly avoids the Lifetime hokum. Based on an by Willie Morris, My Dog Skip is a satisfying drama for all ages that explores the …
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Dog treated with stem cells
DRC/ of extracts stem cells from fatty tissue taken from a dog at the Country View Animal Hospital in on Tuesday. The cells were later injected back into the dog. Two German shepherds were treated Tuesday – Keena, who suffers from hip dysplasia, and Boy, who has spine and hip problems.The owners of a German shepherd are hoping a relatively new …
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Dog falls from third-story window in Hoboken
On Adams Street in Hoboken , a dog fell out of a third-story window yesterday, The Jersey Journal reports.
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