Grand Opening Of Doggie University Where Experts Reveal the Secrets of Dog Toys and Dog Behavior

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Grand Opening Of Doggie University Where Experts the Secrets of Dog Toys and Dog Behavior

Can you be as smart as your dog?

, AZ (PRWEB) April 7, 2011

Can people ever be as smart as dogs? In an effort to help raise people to the level of dogs, Best Friends is announcing the Grand Opening of Doggie University, an online institution of higher learning. Betsy and Norman, the Canine Owners of BestFriends General Store, added Doggie U to their dog toy store to bring educational, informative, and sometimes humorous articles about dog toys, dog behavior, and dog tips.

The latest “lesson”, How Dog Toys Enrich Your Dog’s Life, includes expert opinions of how dog toys not only benefit your dog but benefit the human dog bond. Pat Miller, dog trainer with Peaceable Paws and author of Play With Your Dog, says “My personal theory is that dogs end up in shelters because they belonged to people who didn't play with them, and the relationship never developed.” , dog trainer, founder/director of and author of Serious Fun: Play Like A Dog, reminds us that “dogs need fun. They need fun just like humans need fun”.

Other “lessons” at Doggie U include how to Measure Your Dog For A Dog Costume, Risks of Dog Shock Collars, Moving With Your Dog and more. One of the most popular lessons is Find Your Dog’s Playing Style. By finding your dog’s playing style, Candy Blakeslee (Betsy and Norman’s mom ) believes that you can find durable (no dog toy is indestructible) fun dog toys for your dog.

Best Friends General Store, located in , recently celebrated their eighth anniversary of offering quality dog toys through their online dog toy store. They were voted Bay Woof ‘s 2011 Best Online Dog Boutique. Now, not only can you find quality dog toys, you can find important information about dogs and ways to enrich their lives.

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