Presenting a New Information Hub and Boutique Just for Small Dogs

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Presenting a New Information Hub and Boutique Just for Small Dogs

, CA (PRWEB) May 7, 2007

Founded in late 2005, was created by and . The two owners are actually a couple with a common love for dogs. Together, they both own Muffin, a Bichon-Maltese mix, and Munchkin, a teeny little one and a half pound Yorkie. So what brought these two into the business of selling small dog clothes and accessories? Well, Teresa worked in the retail industry for 13 years, gaining vast experience in the high-end couture fashion world. Her love for fashion and keen eye for high style landed her in the business of an online doggy boutique selling small dog clothes and products. On the other hand, Mike brought a wide array of knowledge within the technology industry. His experience with Internet marketing strategies and web optimization complemented his partner quite well in their new venture into small dog clothes and accessories. Furthermore, being based out of sunny San Diego, the couple noticed that tons of other people also shared their love for toy breed dogs, so why not start a boutique that would keep these dogs looking their best.

The online boutique offers a large variety of high-end dog products such as , trendy and cute small dog clothes, small dog carriers, and pretty much anything else one would need to keep their pooch looking glamorous. With Teresa's acute eye for top fashion, she only chooses the hottest and cutest styles while keeping quality at the top of the list. It boils down to this concept. She won't buy anything for other dogs that her own dogs wouldn't wear. Although the site's main focus is their huge line of small dog clothes seen here , Swankpets has teamed up with a famous handbag designer to create one of a kind designer dog collars. The collars are handmade with 100% genuine leather and Swarovski crystals with an ultra couture look that no other company offers.

Swankpets not only sells products such as small dog clothes, but they plan on building this web site into an authoritative site filled with information and articles on small dog care and lifestyle trends. Furthermore, they plan on building this site into a hub for people that want to find out more of the lifestyles and trends of small dog owners. The two owners noticed that a lot of information floated around dogs in general, but not a whole lot around smaller dogs.

“Smaller breed dogs need special attention and care. For example, you cannot apply the same dog feeding habits to a 60 pound Labrador as you would a 2 pound Yorkie. Many people that own toy breed dogs are also unaware of Hypoglycemia, a deadly condition that can appear in smaller dogs, especially puppies,” states Teresa.

Being hobby breeders of Yorkies, Teresa realized that a need for information geared towards smaller breed dogs was in need.

Mike and Teresa not only see this as a business, but a lifestyle that many people follow. In fact, more and more people are revolving their lives around their dogs. In fact, one client of Swankpets invited Mike and Teresa to her dog's birthday party being held on a 150-ft. yacht. Why the sudden influx in toy breed dogs? One explanation could be the sudden growth of high rise apartments and condos seen in San Diego and other large metropolitan areas making small dogs an easy choice for the amount of space. The other explanation could be that these small dogs are just so darn cute.

You can visit for more information on small dog care.


Mike Hsiao & Teresa Meng, Founders




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