Choosing The Best Dog Obedience Schools For Your Pet

by Lee Dobbins

Is your new dog having trouble adapting to your home? If you look through and shopping guides, you will see numerous advertisements for . Are you able to pick the best one out of this group for you and your dog?

Today, several methods of training are used, they include calm, positive reinforcement techniques, “alpha” dominance, and cruel punishment.

There still remain many schools of thought when it comes to , and a great many veteran trainers will use a specific system that suits them as well as their customers. The current trend is a move towards more of a rewards based method.

Another factor is your dog, and it's background. Is it a , or a with their inherent concerns? What is your desired outcome from training–basic obedience, as a pet for the family, show, tracking, or any other dog activities?

How do you find good schools? First, remember your dog's personality and desirable goals and why you need a in the first place. Search , shoppers' guides and the internet. Other dog owners will be happy to recommend a wonderful trainer. Local kennel clubs and your vet will also know of many reputable schools.

When reviewing trainer choices, use referrals and references for the best results. Then, attend one of your choice's beginner classes to see his techniques. Positive methods are best. If he's dragging a dog around by the , move on! Before asking for training at your home, remember that socialization skills are important for your dog, so it may be best to train elsewhere.

For socialization, it is important that puppies be put into kindergarten or playgroup program, at the earliest age possible. Although, if you have a that is aggressive, it may be necessary to go to an animal behaviorist instead of a trainer. Aggression in isn't something to ignore!

In some cases training collars may be appropriate for some dogs. Training instruments like pinch collars may work with a few dogs, but a “Gentle Leader” head is far more likely to be productive with most.

It is not unusual for you to attend your first session without your dog accompanying you. This is a good indication that the trainer is a pro. , a form of non punishment type training, necessitates a ‘train the trainer' session so that you can learn the tools you will need to work with your dog successfully, without the distraction of your pet's attendance.

These are some ways to tell if the program is a positive training class:

1. The all-around atmosphere of the of the whole school will be upbeat and positive.

2. Training is based on rewards for a desired behavior, as opposed to punishment for unwanted behavior.

3. When a dog is misbehaving, sharp noise is typically enough for the dog to realize he's done wrong. Punishment is kept to a minimum and the actions are usually suppressed.

4. The method of dealing with undesirable behavior is to give the dog a command that he can not achieve while engaged in said behavior. For example, command him to “sit” to stop him from jumping up on guests when they first enter your home.

5. Patience to let the dog give the desired response is a key part of training.

In addition to local , there are a large quantity of great books as well as quality websites dedicated to the topic of dog training. To find out more about one of the most effective animal training methods, try performing a quick online search on the term “.” This is the method Hollywood dog trainers use to train dogs to perform on television and film. Now, your dog can learn some of these fancy tricks as well.

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