Potty Training Your Puppy

by Joseph Then

Let’s face it. Many of us enjoy a little companion therefore, some of us keep puppies as . But most of us dread having as we may think that we are going to burden ourselves with more responsibility. Some of us think that your is a hassel. Let me tell you one important thing; it is best to potty train your puppy while it is still young as when you train it when it is older, you need to get rid of its old habits. These are some ways in which you can potty train your beloved puppy. Read on if you want to find out more.

I shall start by explaining the basics to you. You should first consider the age of your puppy. A puupy which is at least three months old is ready for potty training and learn about cleanup.

First Rule: Remember to keep your puppy’s meal on a regular schedule. You can take your pet out after he is done with his meal. You can also take out your pet after nap, before his bedtime, or when he whimpers during the night.

Second Rule: You should only feed your puppy and give him a little water when you can take him outside after eating. As much as possible do not give water to your puppy two hours before sleeping. In this way you help prevent accidents through the night.

Third Rule: After playing with your puppy, you can now bring him outdoors with you on a . This would give your puppy a hint that it’s time to relieve himself.

Fourth Rule: When you bring your puppy out to relieve itself, always bring it to the same spot so that is is able to recognize the spot where it should relieve itself.

Fifth Rule: You can use a word that would cue your puppy to relieve himself on your command. They will recognize that specific word as a command soon enough.

Last: I am sure you like to be praised. Therefore, you should reward or praise your puppy if he relieves himself outside or followed your instructions on potty training.

With potty training, sometimes accidents happen. In case these accidents occur, here are some suggestions on how you can best deal with them.

If you caught your pet in middle of relieving himself, don’t scream or yell. Gently nudge your pet to go outside and after this continue the reward thing by praising your puppy.

Let’s face it you won’t be around all the time, so when you see some of the mess your puppy has left, just keep your cool and clean up then continue training your puppy with the routine you have made up. When cleaning your puppy’s wastes, make sure to clean it thoroughly so that it won’t leave any smell that may induce your puppy to relieve on that same spot again. After this, you can also put the soiled cleaning materials outdoors or where your puppy usually relieves himself, making it easier for your pet to recognize where he should go in the future.

So, there you have it. All you need to do now is to stick to the routine that you have drawn out for your puppy. Trust me, with some patience you puppy will be very well . Good luck!

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