Dog Clothes make Great Gifts

Dog Clothes make Great Gifts

If you plan on doing seasonal garment for others, than do remember to include your in the list. Dogs are one being that will wear your with joy, pride and will appreciate your concern. No matter what outfit it is, your will look good and will wear the garment with pride.

Shopping for dogs is like shopping for babies. The garments are equally cute and practical and the pets look as adorable as a kid in the

Dog comes in various ranges including winter collection, summer range, baseball jerseys etc. At bed time you can make the pet wear PJ’s and a bath robe after the dog comes out of a shower. Dog even has a range of party dresses, costumes, holiday attires just like kids do. And there is an entire line of Harley clothes which comes with leather caps and studded dog collars.

If you want a gift for a pet to be admired more, than accessorize it. Make your dog wear a designer collar and sun glasses; it will make your dog look adorable. Even leg warmers are back into fashion.

It is not a good idea to make your kids dress in but it is different with dogs. Very creative, cute but for dogs are available which will give everyone a laugh if you dress your doggie in them.

When shopping for dog clothes you should remember that if your dog is fond of chewing than don’t get clothes designed with details and that have potential chokers attached to them. For example don’t get clothes with small sized buttons, feathers and tassels because these things attract dogs and they might try to swallow it and choke on it or harm their digestive system.

Plus dogs prefer clothes that fit them well and do not trouble them when they go out for a walk or while running. So it is important that you get comfortable clothes that fit your pet well. In order to get an ideal fit take measurements of your dog from collar to the tail in order to get the right length. You don’t need to worry much about the waist of your dog (unless your dog is barrel chested type) as dg clothing comes with adjustable Velcro tabs.

So always remember to get a piece which would fit your dog well because Grandma rule (get a size bigger so that the dog grows into the clothes) is not a good idea neither getting a small size is a good idea because the dog wont diet to fit into them.

If you know how to sew than you can even stitch clothes for your lovely pet, all you have to do is measure his length and waist but make sure that you leave an opening for the dog to get rid of his waste.

Purchasing clothes for one’s own pet is easier than getting presents for others pet. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while getting for someone else’s pet. Studies prove that male and female have different preferences; male like more practical and playful things like Harley jacket, a funny costume, reflective hunting vest etc. but women prefer presents that are beautiful, memorable and personal. So it is easier to shop for a women doggie owner because clothes item like these are easily available.

But like always there are exceptions here as well; people you don’t know well. If you are getting gifts for a pet whose owner you are not very familiar with than it is best not to get clothes for the pet. This is because distant the relationship more risky it is to give a personal gift.

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