Aggressive Dogs, Important Tips To Tame Them

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Having a dog that is overly aggressive is a very daunting experience specially if you have been used to seeing exceptionally trained on TV. An aggressive dog could be a fearsome sight as you would be witness to a beast whose ancestors practically hunted down other animals for food. These feelings of fear and apprehension are magnified when the dog matures into a fully grown animal without proper .

The thing that you need to be aware of is that you should prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically to face the pet that you once cuddled as a puppy and be ready to face it as a fully grown beast. You can do two things to correct your dog's behavior. The first and easier thing to do would be to take your dog to a training center. They have the expertise and experience. The second and harder course of action is to learn about dog training advice on your own and spend some time on it. Each has its

Why a Dog is Aggressive

There are several reasons why a dog can become aggressive. Its past experiences and conditions all play a role in its development and current behavior. The emotions of fear, hunger, longing, ancestry, loneliness and seclusion have the same effect on dogs as they do on humans. As the owner, it is your job to identify which particular condition is present in your dog and to find out what exactly is causing it.

Valuable Dog Training Aids

A dog is an essential apparatus that could aid you in your endeavor. However, it is vital to know beforehand that clicker training is not all about having a magical tool that would instantaneously turn your dog into a disciplined and submissive animal. Know that there is no magic locked within a dog clicker. It is just like other things that can make a sound. There are several other tools that you utilize to assist you in your regimen.

The most important thing is for you to be able to make and communicate the association between three general ideas to the dog. The first one is to associate the sound that a dog clicker makes to something that will make the dog feel good. Subsequently, you must link that positive state, whether it's food or praise to a conditional task. In symbolic representation, A must be done before it leads to B.

Remember, the dog clicker has no magical properties. It's just a device that strongly catches the attention of the dog because of its strong and distinctive sound. The function that it makes is simply to grab the situation and make your dog more aware that you are issuing verbal commands. It is comparable to making loud claps so that people would pay attention to what you are about to say. In that way, what you need to establish is a connection between the sound of the clicker with a distinguishable reward. Then, you must link the gratification that succeeds to the performance of a requirement that you will order on the dog.

Remember these two words: association and repetition. These two vital elements will then form the foundation of training aggressive dog. Repetitively linking the gratification of the dog on different levels to a clicker's sound would enable you to eventually introduce the creation of a causal connection with a desired conditional response that you want to get from it. Consistency is another word that would make the training routine valuable. Without it, you would not be able to form the basis of your training regimen. These ideas were formulated from the precepts of psychology. In psychology, behavior modification programs are used to alter the way by which humans and animals behave. Though not all creatures are like humans in the sense that they can create complex associations through thought, a lot of them react to input that is given to them. That simply is understood that when you do something, there must be a matching reaction to it. In this case, even an aggressive dog will respond to the stimuli that you will be giving, provided that it consistently receives an expected response for doing so.

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