Dog Separation Anxiety Cures…What You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

anxiety is so common among that a lot of dog owners dismiss the behavior.  Thinking it’s just their dogs personality and will grow out of it.

Unfortunately, unless you work with your dog to him/her with this panic disorder your dog will not just “grow out of it.”

Your dog will get progressively worse. Some cases when left unchecked can require medication or the expense of a .

When you suspect your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety…here is a simple technique you can use to help your dog deal with his/her anxiety issues.


A dog that is completely run down won’t have time to deal with his/her own anxiety issue. Your dog will be to tired to even think about it.

Dogs need a lot of exercise. Most dog owners think the few times they take their dog out for that 15-20 minutes bathroom walk is exercise enough.  

Dogs have a lot of energy.  If they do not get enough daily exercise…that energy builds up. If they don’t get the opportunity to burn off that energy they will get frustrated and engage in destructive behavior. Chewing up your favorite shoes, digging holes where there should not be even ignoring you when called.

Not getting enough exercise can make their separation anxiety even more stressful.

If you’re going to be away from your dog for an extended period of time you will need to schedule exercise before you leave for the day. Plan on getting up early enough to give your dog exercise for at least an hour. If time is an issue a minium of  15-20 minutes. If you run for exercise in the mornings…try allowing your dog to run with you.  It’s great exercise for him/her and it’s great bonding time for the both of you.

The point is the more you can tire your dog out…the better behaved your dog will be.  

Here are some other ways for your dog to get his daily exercise.

Dog Day Care
If you can afford the expense…dog day care provide lots of exercise and socialization for dogs. Running jumping and playing all day takes care of all of that pent up energy. It can be  very expensive so be sure it is something you can afford.

Dog Parks
I am not a big fan of dog parks but they exist and a lot of people take their dogs. If you decide to do so be aware that most are not staffed. You will have to rely on other dog owners to manage their own dogs. Sadly many do not. Proceed with caution.

Backyard Fun
If you have large backyard try setting up regular vigorous play time. A game of fetch can blow off some energy. Many pet stores sell agility sets. Use them teach your dog jumping and running tricks. (Make sure your dog is old enough for agility training …check with your vet to be sure your dog is physically developed enough to participate)

If you’re going to be away from your dog for more than 4 hours at a time…consider hiring a professional dog walker to give your dog a walk in your absence.

If you think your dog may be suffering from anxiety…read my interview with a noted expert on dog separation anxiety. Author Chad Thompson.

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