Variety Of Dog Food & Effects On Dog

Variety of dog food has witnessed lot of changes in respect of the practices of the past and present day concerns of the dog owners in relation to finding best dog food to take care of complete nutrition needs of the dog. The present day dog owners have learned the benefits of feeding by natural dog food and both the and dog are happy about it.

Dog Food & Preparation:  

In the past times a dog would eat any food to survive become adult and reproduce to carry on the progeny. The which got good food were healthy and the others lacked health and just spent their life in search of food and their mate irrespective the specific health issues.

Dog Food Easy Availability Factor:

The present day dog owners' have the benefit of obtaining great variety of , which is manufactured by reputed companies in their highly scientific manufacturing facilities deploying natural food resources, processing them scientifically and manufacturing wholesome and balanced dog food. 

Some of the Food Companies are manufacturing dog food by using natural resources, it can be an ideal replacement to traditional natural dog food, which in present times is very cumbersome to prepare. Formulated dog foods are available at leading stores every where due to modern distribution net works, which provide user friendly solutions to dog owners a call or email away.
Imbalanced Dog Food & its Effects:
An imbalanced dog food is a root causes of host of diseases caused in dogs life like Cancerous growth, weak immune responses, , overall sluggishness, frequent diarrheas, defects in heart and kidneys etc., which can be prevented.  
Dog Food Decision:
Although it is always, good to prepare fresh food for dog, but this all requires a hard devotion and perfect knowledge about canine nutrition. A mistake most often happening is about if you prepare dog food providing only mutton to the dog, whereas calcium and other minerals are also to be included.
Whether it is a puppy or a bit older dog requires a balanced food for its proper growth and healthy look and behavior, greatly depends on its nutrition, and being the dog owner you are responsible for it. 
Dog Food Awareness Campaigns:
Dog food manufacturers promoted their various by creating dog food facts and awareness campaigns, which has been received well by the dog lover's community and adopted the concepts of balanced nutrition for their dog's food.
Still every thing has to be taken in its broad perspective and considered, what meets all the requirements for best dog food. Following are the available choices:
Packaged Dog Food Products: 
These include the dog food stuff manufactured and marketed by reputed companies available locally situated supermarket stores, store or veterinary practitioners. It can be dry powder, semi dry and wet available in cans. 
Unfortunately there are some adverse reports in respect of packaged food, regarding worthless cheap filler materials present in packaged food and the sources used to make dog food can be from diseased or worst dead animals, which can not be used by any other industry. 
Raw Food Stuff: 
Considering the convenience of easy availability and economically priced it receives great acceptance among group of persons who can devote their personal time in preparing and providing food to the dogs. Raw Food is comprised of bones with some mutton on them. 
Dog Food Using Home Resources: 
It is left over food having mutton bones and by reading recipes on the topic and preparing from materials usually available at home or procured from the market based the recipe you find in books or over the net. One can seek the advice of the friendly veterinary specialist in this respect. As with any living animal, dog's weight is comprised of 2 parts water and one part bones and muscles. So it is essential that the dog gets adequate water accompanied in food and otherwise for drinking. The need of water is weather and activity based.
Dog's energy Needs: 

The energy requirement of dog is met through food, which varies with the body weight of dog. The dog food is the principal source of energy for the dog, which makes it possible to maintain their growth, maintaining of their body temperature being a hot blooded animal. Energy is also required for its fast running to chase some one in time of need and other metabolic functions including reproduction. A pregnant or lactating female bitch has higher nutrition needs than a normal bitch.

A smaller dog has higher energy needs, than a heavy weight dog, because in comparison to the weight, the surface area is of a small dog is greater, so body weight only is not the criteria for determining the energy needs in case of small dogs. There are other factors like, Age, dog's breed, gestation, nursing status of the dog.

The dogs' food liberates energy required through digestion process of proteins, fatty and carbohydrates being constituents of dog food. Carbohydrates and proteins liberate energy of around 4 kcal per gram and fats yield around 9 kcal per gram. The dogs' food also contains minerals and fibers.

The growth of a dog is very fast than even the human child hence they require variety of dog food instead of just food. If the dog food used is not balanced combination of Protein, carbohydrates and minerals, there can be very serious health problem of the dog. 

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