Caring For A Rottweiler

by Sharon Davies

Just as humans suffer from allergies so do . allergies include , , bacterial allergens, contact allergens and atopy. All of these allergies have particular characteristics that you should be aware of in order to provide proper care to your .

Food is the first of the that you should be aware of, this can be any type of food and the first step you need to take is determining which food is causing the allergy. The offending food will likely cause your to scratch, chew or lick.

Next on the list are flea allergies, which are pretty easy to determine. If your Rottweiler has been scratching their tail or is experiencing hair loss, scabs and sores then you will need to take them to the vet. The vet will determine if your has fleas. The saliva from the fleas can be causing your Rottweiler allergies.

Flea allergies are pretty easy to determine. You should take your Rottweiler to the vet if they have been scratching their tail or are experiencing hair loss, scabs and sores. The vet will check your pet for fleas. Your Rottweiler allergies can result from the saliva of the fleas. To eliminate this allergy your vet will give a flea control product. Your dog's skin is also home to normal bacteria called staphylococci, which can sometimes cause Rottweiler allergies. This allergen causes crusts to develop on the skin and the dog to lose hair as a result of the scratching. Your vet will administer antibiotics for this type of allergy.

Of all Rottweiler allergies the most rare is contact allergens, but they can happen. Flea collars, plastic food bowls, pet sweaters, plants and grass or wool bedding can cause these types of allergies. Swelling, redness, itching and hair loss are the symptoms of these Rottweiler allergies. To determine which one is causing the allergy you should eliminate all but one on the list and then once you find the culprit remove it in order for your dog to heal.

The last of the Rottweiler allergies is atopy or inhalant allergies, which are caused by environmental factors such as dust mites, molds, house dust, human dander, feathers or pollen. A dog with these allergies will tend to chew, lick and scratch in specific areas such as the face, , abdomen, armpits or the genital areas.

The itching will then cause the area to have a reddish-brown stain. Take your dog to the vet where they will run a test to determine the allergen and then find the best way to get rid of the allergy. Some methods a vet may use include medicated shampoos, antihistamines, allergy shots, changes or corticosteroids.

When it comes to choosing a vet for your Rottweiler you want to remember that your pet has specific problems. This is why it is important to find a vet that is aware of the specific conditions and is familiar with the particulars of Rottweiler care. It is best to choose a vet based on recommendations from your breeder or other Rottweiler owners.

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