How training a puppy changed a Metro Vancouver woman’s life

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How training a puppy a Metro woman's life
Four years ago, life took a turn for the worse for stay-at-home mom Dawn Kelsey. Her father had a stroke, her husband had a heart attack and the family's German shepherd died, all within a month.
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Puppies need training to overcome separation anxiety
Behavior problems lead to the death of more animals than all the infectious diseases combined. Animals with housebreaking issues, separation anxiety and aggression are often placed in home after home, sent back to the shelter or euthanized. Preventing behavior issues is easier than correcting bad behavior. Proper training with puppy classes is more common now.
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Newberry Township police gain trained in tracking people, finding drugs
The Newberry Twp. Police Department's new K-9 officer, Tazer, has reported for duty. In fact, within a week of beginning his new job, Tazer had his first successful drug find.
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