Reading a message this dog has just delivered

Reading a dog has
dog training
Image by National Library of Scotland
Dog-handler reading a message brought by a dog, in , during World War his soaking wet messenger beside him, this handler is checking a message that this dog has just carried to him. The message would been scrolled up inside a attached to the dogs collar. It is likely that the kit bag worn on the handlers chest would have contained the incoming and outgoing messages.

After recruitment from ’ Home, trainee messenger dogs were trained for service at The War Dog Training School in Shoeburyness, England. Once their training had been completed, the dogs were posted to kennels at Etaples in France, which was close to the Western Front. The dogs were then posted to kennels just behind the front line, where they joined up with .

[Original reads: ‘OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT IN FRANCE. Reading a message this dog has just delivered. He has just swam across a canal to get to his master.’]

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    • December 21, 2010

    what an amazing photo!

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