My Dog Votes™ Launches Insurance Discrimination Survey on Behalf of the Dog Federation of New York

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Albany, NY (PRWEB) March 13, 2006

Dog Of New York and My Dog Votes™ announced the launch of the first survey of its kind to explore what many experts have long feared:

Responsible, caring dog owners have been unfairly targeted by homeowners insurance companies that drop, deny or eliminate coverage due to the breed of dog owned. As a result, dog owners of close to 40 different dog breeds in increasing numbers owners are being forced to surrender their pets and companions, loving members of the family, to shelters and rescues with little hope of either reclaiming their dogs or finding a new home for them. Owners of targeted breeds find it increasingly difficult to obtain the homeowners insurance that their mortgage companies require, or renters’ policies.

Dog owners are experiencing loss, denial or elimination of coverage even when the dog has no history of any problem behavior or bite incidents.

The joint survey explores the experiences of both publicly and privately funded animal shelters and rescues, and will track the reasons dogs are surrendered by their owners. The survey will also probe the success rate of finding new homes for these dogs, as well the cost to the tax-paying public of such surrenders.

Estimates indicate that over 40% of households in New York State include at least one dog. As the list of dog breeds targeted by insurance companies grows, an increasingly large number of dog-owning New Yorkers find that their homeowners’ policy will not be renewed, or that they are being dropped immediately, because of their dog.

“New Yorkers are shocked to learn that such unfair practices are legal in this state” commented DFNY spokesperson Mahlon Goer. “We want people to be able to obtain liability insurance, and law makers agree with us. In fact, NYS is championing a proposal to make discrimination of this sort illegal.”

About the Dog Federation of New York:

The Dog Federation of New York is a statewide coalition of dog clubs and organizations that serves the public interest by educating citizens and legislators on responsible dog ownership and advocating for strong, and humane dog-related legislation. The Dog Federation of New York welcomes all dog owners and dog-related organizations in New York. Visit us on the web at

About My Dog Votes™

My Dog Votes™ is the only company with a corporate mission of Saving Dog Owners and Democracy™ to create dog friendly and dog-safe communities. To achieve this goal, My Dog Votes™, a social marketing company, helps dog interest and advocacy groups fuel funding to seed and sustain advocacy for responsible ownership through sales of My Dog Votes™ political campaign style . The company’s T-shirts, buttons, magnets are available through dog interest groups and other animal nonprofits, or online at


Mahlon Goer, Dog Federation of New York: 845-706-1116

Barbara Haywood, My Dog Votes: 201-396-0974


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