Training Your Stubborn Basset Hound

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Many owners, especially inexperienced ones, may have one or two questions regarding basset hound training. But taking into consideration this breed's stubborn personality and scenting skills, without a doubt there is going to be more questions as to how to yield positive training outcome.

Below are some answers for commonly asked questions when training a basset hound:

Are they difficult to train?
Considering this breed's strong sense of smell which they tend to follow when they picked up a scent, training them can be difficult indeed. Others even assume that basset hounds are less intelligent because of the said characteristic.

Can you really train a basset hound?
Naturally! Despite the claims about their ability to learn basset hounds are very much able to learn lessons taught to them provided that correct training approach is used.

What strategy should be utilized to achieve successful basset hound training?
is ideally suited for for this breed. They're highly motivated by food so using truly rewarding treats helps. Punishment-based or other harsh training strategies must be avoided for they do more harm than good.

What tools can be used during training?
There are various tools proven to help make training easy. These tools include but not limited to collars, leashes, clicker, crate and harness. When utilizing such tools, bear in mind to take necessary steps to ensure your dog's safety for some of these tools can injure or kill your pet.

Where is the best location to train a basset hound?
During the few days of training, it is advisable to select a quiet area where he's less likely to get distracted – a particular room in the house, your back garden or at any place where there is less people. When he's reliably trained with a particular command, start to train him outdoors like dog parks and others. Keep him on leash when training outdoors to ensure his safety since this breed may not hear or obey you when he finds a scent that's too tempting for him to neglect.

Basset hound training is hard but not impossible to achieve. So long as you have patience and determination, you'll certainly come up with a well-mannered short-legged pet.

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