Pet Owners Look for Alternatives: Grrrrowlicious Food for Hungry Dogs Offers Easy Dog Food Recipes

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 24, 2007

The recall of food has many pet owners making their own dog food.

The challenge is that many dog owners don’t know where to start. What’s the appropriate balance of raw food, cooked food, vegetarian food, vitamins, oils?

Jamie Young’s new book Grrrrowlicious Food for Dogs a one-stop cookbook of -to-make .

Dog food recipes include:

Cooked food
Raw food
The classic carnivore diet
and the all important dog treats

Author Jamie Young’s mantra is “think outside the can.” Grrrrowlicious Food for Hungry Dogs offers affordable ingredients, easy instructions, variety and flavour for your dog.

Dog owners will be stealing nibbles from their dogs’ plates. Recipes include:

Fresh Cooked Sardines
Pasta Bolognese
Rabbit Stew
Doggy Biscuits
Cheese and Bacon Cookies

Now is the . Don’t reach for that dog food can or dry food. As Jamie Young says, “unless your dog is made in a factory, there’s nothing better than a fresh food diet.”

Jamie lives in , with his dog, co-star and chief taster, Frodo, his beloved American Staffordshire terrier. Before he started this project Jamie had no idea that all the vets on TV in Australia were either sponsored or employed by the processed food industry. The lack of widely available fresh pet food information inspired Jamie to take matters into his own hands.

The result:

The dog food recipe book: Grrrrowlicious Food for Hungry Dogs ( Books)
GRRRR TV, Jamie Young’s online dog food cooking show

Grrrrowlicious Food for Hungry Dogs is now available in Canada and the US from .

Visit Jamie Young’s website for more information:

Sample some dog food recipes from Grrrrowlicious Food for Hungry Dogs:

Cheese and Bacon Cookies (PDF attached)
Chicken Meatballs
Fried Rice


Download the attached PDF for a sample recipe.


Jackie Wong, Publicist

Whitecap Books,



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