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– Re: Distributing & Our Client

May 10, 2008

Dear Dogtra::

Several months ago we ordered a YS 500 collar from RFG Distributing for our client Ray Hernandez. He says it no longer functions and needs repair.

RFG said to call them if there was any problem and they could provide you the original order number.

Thank you and feel free to call if you need more information from us.


Superdog, Inc.

Better Dog Training – El Dorado Superior Court
3321 Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Re: CASE # PCL20040208

June 2, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

We were recently hired by & who live at 3083 Warren Lane, , CA 95762 to evaluate and train their two dogs.

Our evaluation is that the male dog is territorial and has nipped at 'new people’ in an effort to chase them away from the family home. The dog is not aggressive, but a little over-protective of the Pritchards with strangers walking by.
Super Dog Training
We have spent approximately four hours at the home so far training the Pritchards how to effectively and safely manage their dogs so there will be no more incidents. Additionally, a behavioral with the dogs has been started in an effort to dissuade the male from being over-protective in the future.

In my opinion, the Pritchards have the right attitude and have pretty much done everything reasonable and possible to mitigate the problem here. I don’t expect the Court to have to deal with the Pritchard dog problem in the future.


Chief Instructor

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