Did You Know Dogs Can Get Diabetes? Watch For These Symptoms

The rate of canine diabetes is skyrocketing.  However, the sad fact is that many owners still don't know the symptoms of in

Diabetes leads to , along with sudden blindness.  Your can also go into a diabetic coma and die.  Prevent this tragic scenario by being alert for the following symptoms.

1.  He's Always Thirsty

One of the hallmarks of is that they drink a lot of water.  This is the body's attempt to rid itself of the excess sugar in the bloodstream. 

2.  Is Your Pet Always Asking To Go Out?

Or worse yet, is he having accidents in the house because he can't make it outside in ?  Having to urinate often can be a sign of a bladder , too, but it's best to take him to the vet for a check-up to rule out diabetes in dogs.

3.  Sudden Weight Gain Or Loss

If your companion's weight suddenly goes up or down, pay attention.A vet should be consulted if he's always hungry but he's still losing weighty.

4.  Sweet Smelling Dog Breath

Your dog's breath should smell like, well, dog breath.  If it smells sweet, something is amiss.  And that something is probably that are too high.He needs an immediate trip to the vet.

5.  No Pep

If a formerly active pup is spending all his time just lying around the house, this may not be a symptom of old age.  It could indicate that he is a diabetic dog.

6.  An Infection He Just Can't Get Rid Of

Your buddy has a urinary tract infection he can't seem to shake.Or it could be a fungal infection.A symptom of diabetes is not being able to resist infections anymore.

7.  Shaking or Shivering

He may not be cold.  This could be a symptom of hypoglycemia in dogs.Weakness and uncoordination are symptoms of low blood sugar levels.  He may even have a seizure, or pass out.  Don't wait around.It's best to take him to the vet as soon as you can, as this is a life-threatening condition.

Or You May Not Notice Any Symptoms At All

Sometimes your pet changes so slowly that you may not notice anything at all.  This is the reason why is called the “silent killer.” The gradual changes in your pet may be easy to miss.

How Can You Help A Dog With Canine Diabetes?

Keeping your dog's weight under control, along with regular exercise, will go a long way towards keeping him healthy.  Feeding a high-quality canned food that's low in fat and high in fiber is also recommended.

You may also want to consider giving your dog a natural pet remedy that contains herbs known to regulate blood sugar levels naturally.  Always check with your vet first.Your vet will more than likely be interested in trying a natural pet remedy.

If your pet has diabetes, you'll want to take action.  Just click on any link in this article now to learn how a safe and effective natural pet remedy may help your companion.

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