High Quality Dog Food, Means Good Health For Your Dog?

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Keep A Dog Healthy

What is your dog’s nutritional needs? What are you feeding your dog? Does this food satisfy your dogs requirement? These are the primary factors that you should consider in purchasing a . The first step is to determine what your dog needs then you should also know what is in the dog food and what will it give your dog. Not all dog food ingredients are useful and good to him. In order to incerase the mass, other try to use contents that are really toxic to our canine pal. So how would you know if the dog food your holding is good for your dog? Here is a list of some dog food contents.

Animal meat- the clean fresh meat of a slaughtered animal.

Animal by-product- Any by-product means that it comes from a killed or euthanized animal that is not good for canine consumption. It may not be good in the sense that since it is euthanized, it can contain many chemicals that can be detrimental for your dog.

    Animal meal- just the same with the by product but this one has been treated. It could be boiled down, pulverized and was renamed as meal for animals.

    Artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors- These are the ingredietnts that makes the food look tasty to your dog. they hide the smell and the of the dog’s food. Since these substances are not regulated, some of the stuffs that are use maybe harmful for your .

    Vitamin C- it is very beneficial when it comes to metabolism.

Biotin- an essential substance for growth and health of your pet.

    Yeast- This can cause allergic reaction to dogs.

Corn bran- acts as an extender. Dogs will have trouble digeting this so I will not reccomend you to feed them with a large quantity of these food product.

Copper- a trace mineral that enhances the absorption of iron.

Peas and carrots- provide yout dogs with minerals and vitamins. It can also add flavour to your dog’s food.

Health For Dogs

    Gingko Biloba-  This can be used for the older dogs because it has the ability to enhance the blood flow of your dogs which helps with mental and memory fucntioning.

Probiotics, these are the heat-sensitive members of our normal flora. They can help the body digest foods.

Sodium Bentonite- this is used as a binder for dog foods. The subtsance is well known for assisting the animal’s digestive process.

Corn gluten-the residue from corn. This has a small amounts of protein but it can cause allergic recations on the otherhand.

Rice Gluten- the dried residue from rice. For dogs that are allergic from corn gluten, this can be used as an alternative.

Preservatives in dog food

BHA/BHT, or Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) are chemical preservatives that is use to keep fats away from rancidity. This can result to dry skin, dental disease, kidney and liver destruction.

    Ethoxyquin- Many suspects that this can cause cause cancer, liver, kidney and thyroid dysfunctions, reproductive failure. However there still no evidence found that this is true.

Tocopherols- Since they are natural, these preservatives are more advisable to use than other chemical preservatives. However, they cannot be stored for a long time.

    It is important to note that some manufacturers practice splitting, they cover up other ingredients by dividing the content into categories, making it a smaller quantity,  so they can list the meat first. This will make it seem that the dog foods contain many protein. Also, take note of the by-products as they can be very harmful for your dog.

Health For Dogs

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