Canine Owner’s Guide To Essential Dog Toys

Dogs enjoy having access to a few toys with which they can entertain themselves. While many owners consider such items an indulgence, they're actually an ingredient to your pooch's happiness. Without them, he might develop behaviors that you consider unacceptable.

Keep in mind that your canine can become bored easily if he's left alone for . Lacking the freedom to explore his neighborhood, your pooch might turn his attention to destroying your furniture, or digging up your garden or yard. Giving him a few toys can prevent this from happening.

In this article, we'll provide helpful advice for buying toys that are safe and engaging for your pet. We'll also offer useful insight regarding the different types of toys available and when they're appropriate for your pooch. Lastly, you'll discover a few tips for helping your canine have as much fun with his toys as possible.

Make Safety A Priority

The biggest danger to consider is whether any given item can be ingested by your dog. If he swallows , it can damage his digestive tract. This is one of the reasons you should try to provide him with toys that are specifically for pets. He might be attracted to a string of yarn or a small , but you should remove such items from his reach in order to ensure his safety.

If you intend to give your pooch stuffed toys, make sure they do not contain small objects that are designed to make noises. Moreover, make sure they're not filled with material that can be easily ingested (for example, small beads). Canines have a tendency to rip apart objects when something inside of them is producing a peculiar noise (i.e. click, beep, etc.). Be wary and supervise your dog when he plays with such toys.

Different Toys For Different Circumstances

Some toys are more appropriate than other depending on the situation. For example, if you and your canine are visiting the park, you'll want to bring playthings that are suited for activity. A tennis ball, frisbee, or rope are ideal.

On the other hand, suppose you want to give him something that will distract him for a prolonged period. You can buy special toys that are designed to hold treats within them. In order for your dog to gain access to the treats, he'll need to chew persistently on the .

Other objects can give your pooch something to do that will also be comforting to him. For example, you can let him play with a pillowcase or small towel. If you have an old shirt that is waiting for the laundry, your scent on it will be pleasing to your pet. He'll end up carrying it around with him as he roams your house. The only drawback is that he may inadvertently destroy the piece of clothing you give him.

Helping Your Pooch Have Fun

Rather than making all of your dog's toys available to him at once, consider alternating or rotating through a cycle. For example, if he has seven or eight toys, give him three a day – preferably, one for activity, one for distraction, and one for comfort.

You can also make a game out of his having to discover where his toys are. Canines enjoy a challenge. Anything he finds on his own will be that much more valuable to him.

One more thing to keep in mind: as much as your dog enjoys his playthings, he enjoys your attention even more. Whenever possible, play with him. For example, toss his tennis ball and have him retrieve it for you. Do the same with a frisbee. Not only will playing with your pooch help him keep boredom at bay, but the interaction will strengthen the bond you share together.

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