My dog playing Air Hockey on the iPad

Pixel, , and winning an on the iPad

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    • SuperHumanPerfect
    • September 25, 2010

    anyone wanna see a sexy girl doing an epic booty dance?


    • superchee2e
    • September 25, 2010

    wow does the ipad NEED a case??? is it really that flimsy???

    • BllueJeeper
    • September 25, 2010

    next day he`ll chew on it 😀

    • TomenGage1
    • September 25, 2010

    You let him play with this… Wow…

    • stormchaser34869
    • September 25, 2010

    Yeah, lots of house animals like the iPad these days

    • TisbearA
    • September 25, 2010

    Dog snot!

    • getgln
    • September 25, 2010

    cute video! someone needs to design iPad apps that work better with dog noses lol

    • yoyo4real21
    • September 25, 2010

    the ipad is so useless. just get an iphone.

    • Kamatzu
    • September 25, 2010

    @superchee2e Yes. It is the iPad’s flimsiness alone that led him to buy a case. Without this case, it would never support its own weight. You should be a detective.

    • ligonchoi
    • September 25, 2010

    Recommending ‘KP BAG’
    for BRUCE LEE’s fans…
    Thank you for yours!

    • Jimmyfrominwood
    • September 25, 2010


    • youji213
    • September 25, 2010

    how cute

    • elratch
    • September 25, 2010

    so adorable!

    • 04ray25number2
    • September 25, 2010

    LMAO!!! His name is Pixel and his is playing a game made of pixels.

    • superchee2e
    • September 25, 2010

    @Kamatzu well i didn’t detect ANY sarcasm in that one. queer

    • thatboyhov
    • September 25, 2010

    the world is ending

    • LilBigSisterz
    • September 25, 2010

    Haha. Cool Dog.

    • meherdad
    • September 25, 2010

    He’ll fuckin break the screen

    • uisthegayest
    • September 25, 2010


    • joethelesser
    • September 25, 2010

    The dog’s name is Pixel? Thats even more Win that this video.

    • b2arr
    • September 25, 2010

    ya make your screen dirty

    • GaudiGrey
    • September 25, 2010

    RWJ needs to see this video

    • itsaccrualworld
    • September 25, 2010

    Adorable on so many levels! What kind of dog is Pixel? She looks just like a dog of mine (Persephone) that I rescued and I’ve been trying to figure out what her canine heritage could be. I’ll have to take up Air Hockey with her on my iPad now!

    • akysha
    • September 25, 2010

    FYI this is a female dog! Very adorable btw!

    • JustGhastly
    • September 25, 2010

    @meherdad Hey, I noticed from your comment that you are clearly handicapped in, well, almost every– well, every way. So, instead of calling you a stupid fuck, or a retard, or a shithead, I’m just gonna’ tell you that it’s very obvious to any human that graduated elementary school that there is a screen protector on the iPad.

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