How to find that Indestructible Dog Toy

Save your furniture now! Here's how, find an indestructible toy! Like most people that get that new canine companion, I found mine was, well, and aggressive chewer. He has “jaws of steel”! He literally demolished a rubber, dogzilla dog toy in 20 minutes and he's only about 15 pounds! The hunt was on for that indestructible dog toy.

I searched the internet and the stores and purchased every toy that was labeled with “indestructible dog toy” of “ for aggressive chewers”. These merely ended up as tiny bits of rubber and thread on my bedroom floor. My dog just looked at me as if to say “try again dude”. So back on the hunt I went. Trying everything I could to keep his mouth off my furniture. This time my approach was different.

I decided to ask the experts and put products to the test.After consulting my vet, online sources and several breeders, here are my suggestions for finding an indestructible dog toy.

First, consider the size of your dog compared to the size of the toy. According to my vet, a 4″ toy is appropriate for a 5 to 15 lb. canine. A six inch toy works for a 15 to 25 lbs animal. An eight inch chew toy is best for a 25 to 50 pound dog and a 10 inch toy for all of 50 pounds+. Check the packaging as it should have recommendations from the manufacturer.

Next, know your pet. Does her/she like noisy toys? Can their diet stand a treat in their toy? Are they allergic to anything? Answering these questions early will help. Getting an indestructible dog toy that is messy and giving it to a shaggy might cost you more at the groomers.Moving parts that can fall of the toy are inherently unsafe and should be avoided. No one knows their dog like their “parents”. You can probably determine, just by looking, whether or not your dog will like the new toy. Some animals, like my Shih-Tzu are very pick about what they will play with.

Finally, at the material that is in the toy. rope really doesn't constitute an “indestructible dog toy”. (although the new, no-stuffing toys actually performed well.) Look at nylon, rubber and hard plastics. The advancements in durable materials made by textile manufacturers in past years are amazing. Many play things are made of the same materials as car tires. Some use a different harding technique.

In my own experiment using a Pit Bull mix (he hates being called a mutt), I found several indstructible dog toys that will serve your furry freind's needs and keep your anxiety levels down.     I have created a short list, that myth of an indestructible dog toy, despelled. My list of Nylabones, Kong toys, JW Pet Company toys and others that can help you with your pet's need for destruction. This should save you time and wasted dollars. Also included are resources, books and DVDs to help with training that aggressive (but loveable) master of destruction.

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