All About the Afghan Hound Dog Breed

The , also referred to as a Tazi or Baluchi Hound, is an exotic from . It is known for its regal appearance and long silky coat. The males of this can grow to 27 inches tall and weigh up to about 60 pounds. Female Hounds are slight smaller with a maximum height of about 25 inches and a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Their coats are smooth and long and they come in a variety of beautiful colors.

While the has a look that suggests a life of leisure, they are a fairly active breed that enjoy running, racing and getting into mischief. If you have other pets and you are considering adding an to your family then you will want to either get a puppy that can be raised with the other animals, or find an older that has been well socialized. make great family pets, however, because they have the nature to chase small animals, they are better suited for families with older children.

Hounds are a high maintenance breed. They will require extensive grooming every day in order to keep their coats and skin healthy. They will also require a bath every other week. When grooming your Afghan Hound you will want to pay extra attention to their ears as they have a tendency to get dirty and infected. In addition to proper grooming you will also need to make sure that you provide your Afghan with enough exercise. They should be walked at least twice a day, and given the opportunity to run and play in a fenced in area as much as possible. This dog is not known for its obedience so you will need to make sure that its play areas are securely fenced or you will need to keep it on a leash.

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