Positive Dog Training – When To Reward And When To Scold

by Lee Dobbins

When training one’s dog there are some particular details which should be remembered. Using positive is the best way to get your dog trained in a fun and efficient manner. This means that you should reward your dog for positive behavior instead of punishing him for negative behavior.

requires and should be handled in this manner. Your dog will need a firm hand at times in order to keep your pet in line, however you should not scold your dog constantly. It has been shown that respond much better to , so it is important to know when it is appropriate to praise your dog and when a firm hand is needed.

Every time he obeys while you are training, your dog should get a treat. IF he sits, reward him. If he stays, fetches, or goes to the bathroom in the proper place, or any other commands, he should get a treat.

You dog will enjoy just about anything as a reward, words of love, special treats, a belly rub or a good old rub on the head are all appreciated!

Training your dog properly is quick and easy if you do it positively by giving him some sort of reward every time he does something good. Your dog will quickly learn the tricks and just want to please you.

Don’t ever be harsh with your dog unless there truly isn’t any other alternative. Only such behaviors as growling, chewing things up, or pulling on the justify a reprimand.

Remember that if you scold a dog after the fact he will have no idea what is going on. You must catch him in the act, and then be sure to keep the reprimand short and direct. A stern “bad dog!” should be all that’s needed for your dog to realize that you aren’t pleased with his behavior.

Be crisp and quick when your scold, being sure to maintain an angry and condemning tone. If you scold too frequently, your dog will end up ignoring you. You should never hit the dog, this will only lead to problems in the future.

Keep in mind that your dog is a beginner and that he is really trying hard. This will give you some perspective on when to scold and when to praise. Be loving and patient with your positive regimen, and both of you will enjoy it as a fun and rewarding experience.

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