Crazy Critters Dog Toy

Crazy Critters Dog Toy

Finally, a plush made for dogs. I absolutely enjoy and has to be one of the best toys around, especially for my . Before my had his toy, he would get my stuffed toys and within minutes would have it in hundreds of pieces. There’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning stuffed pieces scattered throughout the room.

I was absolutely relieved to find that Crazy Critters was offering a durable plush toy made just for dogs. My puppy spends hours trying to rip it apart with no success. His former favorite toy, the orange squeaker ball is a distance memory since being introduced to his life-like Raccoon Crazy Critter.

come in two different . One is a fox and the other a raccoon. They come stuffing free and completely machine washable. They also come with on each end of the plush animal for captivating your dog’s attention. They measure around 24 inches in length and can be used both indoors and outdoors. What I like the most, it’s completely machine washable. After a good day with the toy, it can get a little dirty. Being able to wash was important to me.

The Crazy Critters is suitable for most dogs of any size and age. With young dogs, it helps keeps them active and doesn’t develop the deconstructive behavior that other non-dog toys create after being ripped apart. For the older dogs, it offers them an opportunity to get some exercise by playing with their Crazy Critter.

When my friend told me about the Crazy Critters plush toy and was made for dogs, I immediately searched it online and had to get it. With my bad experience with my puppy and his obsession with regular stuffed , the Crazy Critter Fox & Raccoon life-like plush toy has made my life so much easier. Plus, it keeps my puppy occupied for hours. This is one dog toy I recommend to other dog owners.

For more info and a review of this item, visit Crazy Critters Review.

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