Interesting Poodle Facts

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by Lee Dobbins

Thinking of owning a pet? Poodles are best for you because they are one of the most wonderful pets. Aside from their excellent and distinguishable features, they are among the most intelligent breeds. They are usually small but you may be surprised to know that there are 3 different sizes. Here are some poodle you might find interesting:

The 3 sizes of poodles identified by the American Kennel Club are – the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle and the Toy Poodle. The biggest among the breed is the that stands over 15 inches at the top of theshoulders. Miniature Poodle is the middle size and stands 10 inches at the top of the shoulders. Toy Poodles are the smallest and stands under 10 inches and usually weighs around 6 to 8 pounds.

Tiny Toy Poodles and are smaller than a Toy Poodle. These variations have become quite popular as pets, though they are not yet recognized by the AKC. The average weight of a Teacup is from two to four pounds, and the Tiny Toy falls between four and six pounds.

One of the more interesting pet Poodle facts will come as a relief to allergy sufferers. Poodles make superb pets because they do not molt their hair nor does their dander cause allergies. Another plus for poodles as pets is the dogs don’t have a doggy scent.

Poodles are one of the oldest breeds and have been the m ost popular in America since the 1960’s. They were part of ancient history as illustrated by the Greek and Roman coins carved with dogs that resemble Poodles. This breed was recognized by the AKC in 1890.

Poodles were popular in France, Russia and Germany since the 1500’s – the French like the so much that they made the Poodle their national dog! They are well known for their excellent hunting skills, especially in water retreiving, in fact the name Poodle comes from the German Pudel which is short for Pudelhund meaning “splashing dog”. Of the three different types of poodles, the standard is the oldest.

Poodles can have a variety of hair types. It can be coarse and wiry to soft and wavy. There are also a variety of hair cuts that a Poodle can be be given. I am sure you are familiar with the classic show clip, but there is also the pet clip, the puppy clip, the English saddle clip, and the continental clip. Some poodles also have their coat corded.

Because Poodles are intelligent, highly active and fun-loving, you’ll find an endless number of activities to enjoy with your dog. They’re excellent watch dogs and can be trained to hunt. They can learn a variety of tricks easily and are not difficult to house train. Give your Poodle plenty of playtime and yard activities to keep him entertained and happy. These are friendly dogs and will always be eager to please.

Fortunately for poodle lovers, the breed tends to have a lengthy lifespan. According to some of the Poodle facts available, the average an 11.5 year lifespan, often live to 14 and Toy Poodles can live for as long as 17 years! Of course, these averages assume that the dog is of normal weight and has an active, healthy lifestyle.

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