How To Care For Pug Puppies

How To Care For Pug Puppies
by Lee Dobbins

A good start is always important with anything, so if you are adopting a , you want to start off by learning about providing the best care for .

is essential for your Pugs overall health, especially in his first year. It really helps to ward off a lot of health ailments and makes your Pug sharper, so pay special attention to what you are feeding him.

So how do you choose a ?

Be sure to read thePug to make sure it’s loaded with nutritious ingredients. The first ingredient listed should be protein — chicken, lamb, or beef meal. Don’t start feeding your pug table scraps, and help him live a long and healthy life by not overfeeding him.

Providing the best care for pug puppies also includes getting the right supplies such as bowls for food and water. Also, look for a harness that fits well and a leash for your little guy, as well as a crate of an appropriate size and a dog bed. And don’t forget toys to keep your Pug entertained!

Pugs will need to have wide, shallow bowls for food and water because of the placement of their eyes on their faces. If the dishes are deep and narrow, your pug can get an eye infection if its eyes are touching the sides of the bowls or the food.

The size of the crate and dog bed for your Pug is very important. These puppies although very small at the beginning will grow up ,so pick up something which will be able to house him through a period of time. If you are going for a larger crate you can divide it using a partition when he is small and latter on remove the partition to accommodate him after he has grown up.

It is a good idea to use a harness on your Pug instead of a dog collar. A harness fits around the dog’s body, as opposed to collars that are attached around the dog’s neck. Pulling on a collar can constrict the windpipe and this can lead to choking. To avoid damage to your Pug’s windpipe or any other potential problems, the best choice is a harness.

It’s not difficult to provide good care for Pug puppies. Most of it is just common sense. Feed your puppy in appropriate quantities and make sure he gets his regular check-ups and shots. Your vet can guide you in this area. These few things plus your time and affection will help ensure that your puppy has a long, healthy and happy life.

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