DEADLY dog toy Warning! PLEASE read details.

I lost my beloved today, April 6, 2009…. AND the seven (7) puppies she was due to have on April 16th, because of this “”. If you have one for your , THROW IT AWAY ASAP!! It killed my beloved Brandi and her 7 babies! You can see what a she was at The ropes tear apart as the dog “flosses” it's teeth and the dogs apparently can/will swallow the pieces of which some can pass and others will NOT…. collecting over in the dog's stomach as a huge ! The mass of rope to the far right is what the vet took out of my poor Brandi's stomach! With Brandi being so close to having babies I thought the lack of and two times she threw up on Sunday, 4-5-09, was due to the pregnancy as she did that with her last one. By noon Monday, 4-6-09, she was gone! The vet took several x-rays as soon as we got her to the clinic Monday morning and nothing was showing up! He was at a loss and said we needed to “explore” and see what was causing her symptoms, however, my poor Brandi died right after being put under. The vet said it was a no win situation, she'd die if he didn't do the surgery and she could die from being put under because she was so weak. When he performed the autopsy he found the rope mass in her stomach. He said there was no way for me to know she'd swallowed all of that over time. It cause a horrible infection in her stomach and it was just too late by the time she showed any symptoms. Had she not been

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    • Daniel1013d
    • April 4, 2010

    THOSE MOTHER F*&k*#S YOU SHOLD SUE THEM rest in peace Brandi we ALL miss u

    • ComedyChicks123
    • April 4, 2010

    that is soo fake lady non of that cra would hapen

    • ASplashOfColor
    • April 4, 2010


    • terigower
    • April 4, 2010


    • writtingsongs4life
    • April 4, 2010

    its ok…… shes in a better place!
    Haters happen
    ( they are a peice of mis placed shit that was a stake god thru to the devil and chewed up shitted and thru on earth )
    A great dane? I always wanted one! there large too!
    its so kind of you to post this!
    letting others learn from something that could be tragic

    Im sorry for mis spelling alot ( and cursing ) i get mad and im sleepy

    Again thanks!

    • missvampiregirl24
    • April 4, 2010

    im soooo sorry

    • kitkat1212121
    • April 4, 2010

    i feel so bad for u… i hope this happens to all those people who think this is fake or are glad this has happened ( brandi will be missed =[ )

    • shuichimira
    • April 4, 2010

    I’m sorry for your loss. thank you for the warning this will help save a lot of dogs lives. , and to the people that think this is fake… go fuck yourselves, you obviously do not know the meaning of pain, and you have no buisness of writing things you dont even know about, you heartless monsters.

    • JBGoofer
    • April 4, 2010

    no wonder it swallowed it it was a fuckin great dane!!!!!!! if you were clever you would have thought bigger than average dog needs bigger than average toys

    • ASplashOfColor
    • April 4, 2010

    Apparently your user name fits you! You’re so ignorant! What is shown is a tangled MASS of smaller rope fibers that she’d torn off OVER TIME from a 4 ft. long Flossy Chew DOG TOY. Do you not see the different colors? I can believe people have the balls to say harsh things like this to someone who has lost a family member! Obviously you were dropped on your freaking head as a child!! My vet said he has seen this before. So it was NOTHING I DID WRONG! Guess you evolved from an ASS!

    • ilovetrio13
    • April 4, 2010

    you people are dicks… if your favorite pet died and all you had to go on was that a toy killed it, you would be pissed at the company to. I would try to sue the company. My dogs are my life, and i would do anything for them. —-I am so sorry about your dog…. my deepest sympathy.

    • karlalovescharlie
    • April 4, 2010

    omg im soo sorry but still i dont think that could happen but anywais it could and i am very sorry i have just lost one of my dogs too (my cuzins actually) she choked on a ballon they left on the floor) imm sorry for the loss :0)

    • LionessCub1
    • April 4, 2010

    I recently lost my pup just 1 month after this was posted. I understand how heart wrenching and devastating it is to lose someone you love so much. I at least got the privledge of seeing my pup reach 12. Thank you for posting this warning. I’m sorry you have to deal with the ignorant and rude masses that find their way onto youtube. I wish you well in dealing with your loss as i know im still dealing with mine.

    • aussiedogtoys
    • April 4, 2010

    Im soo sorry.
    WARNING! COTTON ROPE TOYS IF SWALLOWED WILL SWELL IN YOUR DOGS STOMACH AND CAN KILL!! sadly people do not know and buy cheap toys with lead paint toxic rubbers plastics or cotton.

    For anyone interested in AUSTRALIAN MADE dog toys that are SAFE a durable type


    into the EBAY search bar or store finder.

    It dose not save money nor is it healthy to buy cheap chinese toys! But sadly people do not know this and think they are saving money.

    • greigjackai
    • April 4, 2010

    Thanks you for helping others with this. I will get rid of ours today! So sorry for your loss.

    • pianoexpert11
    • April 4, 2010

    sniff-sniff-sniff.i am soo sorry for you lost.this vid will help save lots of dogs live.give thumds up if you think you should sue the company.

    • xBOOOGERx
    • April 4, 2010

    I actually have 6 of these toys for our 3 pit bulls and we have been noticing they tear apart.
    Our oldest one has been throwing up a lot lately and gagging on something we took him to the vet and they said he actually might have a string wrapped around his intestine.
    So now we know what this is from and are throwing them all away and getting his surgery after seeing this video we thank you so very much for this God Bless you and so very sorry for your loss.

    • killjoyusmc
    • April 4, 2010

    I’m sorry for your loss!!! i know it has been some time now but this is a great WARNING for every one that has a dog this is why im a firm believer in never leaving your dogs with there toys and never using a tennis with a dog b/c it will destroy the enamel on your dogs teeth! if you do have a dog you need to put the time into doing some research in what your giving them, there putting there life in your hands!

    • Katiegirl500
    • April 4, 2010

    I’m sorry for your loss! I had one of these for my dog but it got thrown on the roof. I’ll be leaving it there.

    • murushi510
    • April 4, 2010

    Sorry for you loss…

    Thanks for the advise!
    Ill never buy these!

    • ASplashOfColor
    • April 4, 2010

    I nvr sd I ws cmprng her loss 2 t loss of a “person,” hwvr, my Danes ARE members o my “family” & I luv thm as mch as my own daughter! Do NOT tell me Brandi’s loss is “nothing” cmprd 2 yours! I’ve lost both my parents & othr family members. If ” I ” feel her loss is so devastating as it was/is, thn that’s MY bsnss, NOT yours & U have no rght 2 tell me hw 2 feel about loosing my “4-legged” daughter!! I posted ths warning 2 SAVE LIVES so others don’t have 2 go through t pain I have & still am!!!

    • mismag9221
    • April 4, 2010

    you guys are makeing a big joke of this it isent funny she is a great dog waching down on us but she is in a better place in heven life dosent last forever she is trying to help us with this toy i mean are you anamal haters i am not i love my little rotty the same as everyone else in the world how would you feel guys if your dog died and had to get somthing pulled out of her tummyand the thing that i would do with that fuzz thay pulled out i would have mounted it on the wall :(::::::::::::::::::

    • spicawaup247
    • April 4, 2010

    I am so sorry for your lost, i almost started to cry. my condloences.

    • sirmichaelz91
    • April 4, 2010


    • RoxyAgilityRox
    • April 3, 2010

    I am like crying now… I used to have it but i NEVER bought it again because i did notice me dog was starting to eat it…

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