Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea &Tick Dog Collar

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Product Description
Hartz Advanced Care 3 IN 1 Control Flea & Tick for and Puppies kills fleas, and ticks for7 months. Swimming, rain and getting the collar wet will not reduce efficacy. For use on puppies 6 weeks of age or older.

  • Kill fleas, flea eggs and ticks
  • Last for 7 months
  • May be cut to
  • Getting wet will not affect control
  • Use on puppy’s 6 weeks of age or older

Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea &Tick Dog Collar

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  1. I was using Frontline on my Beagles and Chihuahua for years, it worked great but its a bit pricey times three so I looked for some possible treatment solutions between the spot ons.

    This product, and the Hartz flea spray I purchased along side it, did not work at all. My dogs went from totally flea free to itching after their walks. Then the cat, who wasn’t on a flea specific treatment as she never goes outside and the dogs had previously never brought anything in, started itching too.

    I immediately went back to using Frontline on the dogs and now Revolution on the cat.

    I also recently discovered the multitudes of lawsuits and websites against Hartz. I know that every product has its side effects and there will inevitably be someone or something with a reaction. But the amount of pets hurt by these products is really astounding.

    Our pets are worth the extra money. We made them our responsibility and we owe it to them to keep them safe and healthy. We’ll never go near another Hartz product.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Go to Hartzvictims.Org

    I am not a crusading nut, my cat got poisoned by this stuff. I applied it correctly. Within an hour she had seizures and tremors. 4 days of an uphill battle for her. She is now fine, but please don’t harm your animals using this stuff. Same with BIOSPOT or Sargents.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I have NEVER bought a Hartz product that worked, period. STAY AWAY from anything they make. You’ll have to be careful as they like to put out products under different brand names, but if you look carefully you’ll eventually find the Hartz name or logo. Money in the trash.

    You’re better off with Sergeant products. You might have to pay a little more for some of their stuff, but you get what you pay for. Sergeant’s stuff works.
    Rating: 1 / 5

    • Moms
    • March 28, 2010

    Don’t Use This Product – CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT!

    Hartz is a terrible company with a horrendous record of making products that are harmful — and often fatal — to animals.

    Their flea and tick products alone have generated more than 33,000 reports to the EPA of injury and death in the past eight years.

    Don’t support this shameless corporation!

    Google “Hartz kills” or “Hartz victims” and see for yourself!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I have purchased this product several times over the past years, and have found it completely effective in preventing flea and tick infestations on my dog. One has to remember to stretch the product to break the seal before putting it on the animal, as there is a thin wax-like seal/coating on the boxed product which preserves the effectiveness of the product until use.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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