What is the strongest dog collars available?????

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I have a pitt and he keep breaking all his collars. I need that has the clasp and the ring in the middle for leashing him to his running line. I need something that will last and that will be super strong!!!!!!!! Does anyone where on the net I can buy one??????

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    • tom l
    • March 27, 2010

    Get a Stillwater


    Leather or nylon, you want this stile buckle and ring arangement for the best strength.


    Still not strong enough, this arangement should hold


    • Mandy R
    • March 27, 2010

    Hi, Lupine collars will replace if it breaks or is chewed. very nice patterns and colours http://www.collarways.co.uk

    • dirtysouthhogdogs
    • March 27, 2010

    Kevlar cut collars. Can be 2 or 4″ wide, have sturdy ring in the center, Velcro closure (interior), sturdy double buckles (exterior). They usually carry some at http://www.uglydogranch.org click on the online catalog, or if you go to boar hunter magazine online they have them, http://www.boarhuntermagazine.com/ click online store, then extreme gear, and its about halfway down the page, underneath the hog hobbles.

    • horsewhisperer
    • March 27, 2010


    Do not use a choker or spike collar because he could stangle himself. I have a Rottie that is so powerful that most collars can’t restrain him let alone fit him. I have found this awsome harness at Wal-mart that works like a charm. It is nylon but has seperate pulleys that run under the forlegs with a seperate ring clasp like you asked about. The pulleys apply gentle pressure and restrict forward movement when the dog pulls too much. The harness I have has held for years now and makes walking him a plessure where he used to drag me around. I think it would also work great for the running line you have since your pitt will be able to run about as long as he keeps the line slack but will be restricted when he pulls to far away.

    • chiquon58
    • March 27, 2010

    the metals and wire ones. it should probably cost 10.00 dollars. try petco collars

    • Sheila
    • March 27, 2010

    Never use a choker chain while your dog is on a running line!

    Try a harness. A thick leather harness.

    • lizzy
    • March 27, 2010

    Don’t know what the strongest is, but I do know Lupine brand replaces their collars for free when they break, even if it happens multiple times.

    • Mastiff Mommy
    • March 27, 2010

    I use a choke chain on my dog- They don’t break and they are a great training tool. Not the one with spikes though- I think thats mean- Just the metal choker:)

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