Raising A Chihuahua

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by Lee Dobbins

The pint sized stature of the makes it a dog of choice for someone who is short on space but long on the desire to have an adorable pet. Be aware, though, that the small size that makes them so cute also brings on it’s own set of challenges for raising a Chihuahua.

think that they are among the big breed of dogs. They don’t realize that they are so tiny and they behave as though they are big, They are often called a “big dog in a small dog’s body”. So you have to guard him always because he might engage himself into violent encounters with big dogs.

If the Chi you get is still a puppy, it’s important that you feed him or her high quality dog food. Until a Chi puppy is three months old, you should feed him four times , keeping the meals smaller. When your Chi reaches three months of age, reduce it to three smaller meals each day until six months. From six months to a year, you only need to feed them two times each day.

One feeding per day is appropriate after your Chihuahua is a year old. Most Chi’s prefer to eat several small meals rather than one large one. Hard food may be the best choice for your Chi as some dogs of this breed have a difficult time digesting canned food and can develop diarrhea as a result.

One thing that is much easier than most dogs when it comes to raising a Chihuahua is giving them a bath. Due to their small size, Chihuahua’s are typically easy to bathe. You should give your Chi a bath monthly. Over bathing your Chi will cause him to lose the natural oils on his coat, which could cause dandruff.

When giving your Chihuahua his bath, it’s very important that you’re careful to avoid getting water into his ears. If the ears happen to get wet they can cause a horrible infection. Due to the possibility of infection, you want to make sure you thoroughly monitor your dog’s ears and call your Vet immediately if they appear to be red at all or you notice him scratching them.

Training your dog the proper way will earn you many benefits owning an obedient dog and will also allow you to call him away from dangerous situations. Start training him on simple tricks even at an early age and he will easily learn as he grows older. But gradually provide him with a general obedience training and this will help him in dealing with dangerous scenarios.

Keeping your Chi’s nails trimmed is an integral part of the proper care of your pet and should be done on a monthly basis. It will be easier on both you and your dog if you start trimming his nails early on when he is still a puppy so that he grows accustomed to it. Cat claw trimmers, which are shaped like scissors but have a round indent to accommodate the animal’s claw, would be a good choice for grooming your Chi.

You should keep watch to your especially when they gets older, they usually suffer from knee troubles. Keep a close eye on this and get them to the Vet the moment you notice them having a hard time walking.

Getting proper veterinary care for is an important part of raising a Chihuahua. When your dog is a puppy, he will need to go to the vet in order to get his shots, and then he will need to visit the vet in order to get his ears and teeth cleaned, for regular checkups, and any booster shots the vet recommends.

are loyal pets with a sweet temperament. Take good care of your Chihuahua and you will be rewarded with a devoted and healthy pet for many years to come.

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