Dog Health Alert-Do You Own Toxic Dog Toys

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Every dog owner knows that dogs love to chew; leave him or her to their own whims they will chew just about anything.  Have you ever returned home from work or from an errand to find your favorite pair of shoes in pieces or the edge of the couch shredded? If the answer is yes then perhaps it is time to invest in some dog .

Dog toys do more than just entertain your dog; they keep his/her mind occupied. Most dog breeds suffer from some level of . The way your dog demonstrates that anxiety is chewing, having a dog toy available, or if you’re like many , several dog toys around will relieve stress boredom.

Recently, there has been concern that some dog toys are toxic to both your family your dog. If you have, any dog toys made from vinyl or PVC you should replace them immediately. Both contain toxic chemicals and quite possibly lead. How can you tell if the dog toy is vinyl? Take a whiff if it smells like vinyl it most likely is. In buying new dog toys, check with the manufacture for more information if in doubt or choose another dog toy with a clearly marked label.

With the variety of dog toys on the market today, making a safe choice can be the ease part; determining which kind to is another matter. If your dog is a moderate chewer then a dog toy is a good choice. Most are machine washable keeping several around rotating as needed is a great way to keep them clean.

Squeaker dog toys are also a good choice for the moderate chewer as long as the noise does not bother you. The noise of the squeaker helps to keep your dog’s mind offer an anxiety trigger focused on the business of having fun. Although not machine washable, some dog owners have used the dishwasher to keep these dog toys clean.

If you have a heavy chewer or your dog suffers from severe dog anxiety then a more durable dog toy is in order. While a dog toy for the severe anxiety suffer will never replace your attention, keeping a variety of tough dog toys around will help to relieve some of the stress.

For the heavy chewer there are really two options for dog owners; cheap dog toys knowing that your dog will destroy them in a matter of days or tough dog toys like knotted ropes. If cheap dog toys are your choice, make sure to buy only those with clearly marked labels.  The stuffing on the inside as well as the exterior material should be made of a natural substance. If you see the word “phthalates” then the dog toy is toxic. Phthalates, used in plastics keep them flexible durable.

Dog toys play an important role in your dog’s life from temperament to wellbeing. Look at the dog toys in your collection, if you cannot identify whether you have a toxic dog toy then replace them with new organic dog toys. Organic dog toys are toys such as a rope toy made from natural jute, organic cotton in plush dog toys others made of wool materials. These dog toys are rather inexpensive, priced from $3.99 to about $15 dollars.

Whether you your dog toys on-line or from your local pet store read the labels choose the very best dog toys for your four-legged family member. Realizing the significance pet toys present to your dog’s overall wellbeing and happiness it is our responsibility as dog owners to provide the safest environment for our dogs.

, a dog owner for over 25 years, has amassed several dog obedience-training techniques as well as an extensive knowledge of dog health problems. To read detailed information about your dog from temperament to health and shop his Pet Supply Store visit him at Remarkable Dogs Where we are dedicated to providing only the very best for your dog.

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