Basic Dog Training Commands: Tips Every Dog-Owner Should Teach

Dog is not only a simple animal .He can be your good friend, your defender  and your partner .Similarly you are his teacher .As we all know that Dog is the most faithful animal among all animal kingdom .Proper training be given to each and every dog by his owner .Once he recognize you as his leader ,than he will follow each and every command given by you to him .By following few Dog Training Commands ,we can convert over dog from simple animal to a well behaved dog .Every owner should make his dog comfortable with these Commands .

Being a dog lover, I observe very closely .I have noticed one thing that mostly dog will get bored if you are teaching them in long sessions .If you try to teach them continuously for around 20-25 minutes, they will get bored and start neglecting your command .So always go for 5-7 minute short sessions to teach him few basic Dog Training Commands .Try to repeat these sessions again and again on same day.

Here we will discuss few basic Dog Training Commands.”Sit” is the most basic command every dog should know .Mostly dogs learn this command very easily and it will make your dog sit at very point when you use this command, “ “is another important command for all dogs and puppies .Don't ever try to be harsh with your dog by pulling and dragging him .Let him leash properly and walk with you .Give them proper time to learn this command .Don't try to scare them or scold them during this training.”Heel “ is another basic Dog Training Command .Dog always feel comfortable while walking beside you .If he start walking in front of you ,you can bring him beside you by using word “Heel “.Don't pull your puppy if he's walking forward .Teach this command properly to get good communication with your dog .”Stay” is another important command for safety of your dog .This command will make your dog sit at that position where he is .This command is very important and take few time to get learned by your dog .Another command “come” will make your dog start walking with you if he is in stay position .This is also very good and important command

All the above mention Dog Training Commands are very helpful and for each and every dog .Don't take too long sessions and try to make him learn in short sessions. Don't forget to praise your dog regularly as it will make him feel comfortable with you .Don't ever give up .Keep one thing in mind that dogs are not human beings .They take some time to learn everything .Be cool, calm and consistent with them .Take proper care of his food when he is in initial stage .Try to make him fearless and well mannered. Try to play few games with him while training session .Love you dog and in return he will give lots of love and respect to you.

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