Toy Poodle Nutrition – Tips For A Healther Pet

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by Lee Dobbins

A Toy can be a great pet, but even before bringing your new pet home, be sure to learn all you can about Toy Poodle nutrition. Just as with any other pet, proper nutrition will ensure that your has a healthy immune system, as well as looking and acting at its best.

may not be the best thing to feed your pet and you want to be sure to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the label. Many commercial products do not have the nutrients required to keep your dog in the peak of condition, but are crammed with fillers and other worthless substances.

You'll be amazed that the “by-products” listed in your favorite dog food actually includes anything deemed unfit for human consumption such as feathers, fecal matter, animal hooves and spoiled meat, even fillers like hair and newspapers! Most likely, these by-products will expose your dog to a host of illnesses and diseases.

So what kinds of foods offer optimum Toy Poodle nutrition?

When you are shopping for dog food go with quality over price. There are many brand that you should consider such as Innova, Life's Abundance and Old Mother Hubbard. Good quality food will reduce the risk or health problems later in your pets life and increase your pets longevity and they will eat less of it so the added cost is balanced out.

It is important that you read the labels on commercial food. Meat should be the first or the second ingredient. Keep reading to see if there are any artificial preservatives, by-products or fillers. If you come across something that doesn't sound food related or even vaguely familiar, I suggest you find another food for your Poodle.

Feeding your pet Poodle foods that you would eat yourself is the one way you can insure that your dog is receiving the best nutrition he can get. That's right, foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, brown rice, potatoes, apples, and even carrots are the kinds of things your Poodle should be getting. While there are those who suggest that a raw food , feeding raw meats to your dog, is best, my personal belief is that meats today are potentially too filled with bacteria and parasites and so cooking them to the same standards as you would for yourself would be the safest course.

Care your pet like you care your loved ones by providing your pet nutritious food. Proper Toy Poodle nutrition will help keep his immune system strong, and will make his heart, skin, lungs, eyes and everything else healthy and in good shape.

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